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More To Love helps women learn how to love their body. Through articles, online programs, courses, and a body positive community, More To Love teaches women how to not focus on weight loss as the only measure of health. More To Love is run by Rachel Estapa, a trained and certified life coach in Boston. 

Welcome to More to Love

Hi, I'm Rachel Estapa and I'm excited to help you learn to love and appreciate your body.

Many people want to feel good about themselves and are tired of allowing societal stress around weight and body-image keep them from being happy. Health and wellness are a personal matter but living life fully, no matter your size, is the key to overall wellness and happiness.

The truth is learning how to love your body can feel overwhelming and confusing - but it doesn't have to be!

I created More to Love (MTL) in 2013 as an opportunity for you to learn and apply body acceptance to your own life, no matter your size. Blending lessons from my own experience overcoming poor body image coupled with the proven tools I learned through my life coach and yoga training, my approach to health and happiness is designed to help you love, accept and appreciate your body a little bit more each day.

MTL focuses on overall wellness, inside and out. No diets, no insane workouts, no tricks, no shaming yourself into being "better." MTL helps you apply solid principles of body acceptance that work for your unique body and life. Health and wellness are spectrums and the only body you've got to focus on is your own. MTL is here to help you figure those pieces out in an inspiring, honest and deeply rewarding way.

I invite you to explore my website, read the blog, try a More to Love Yoga class or signature workshop, plus many more exciting opportunities along the way. I'm committed to creating a community which helps women like you practice and transform your relationship with your own body. 

More to Lovingly Yours,


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