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More to Love Yoga Retreat

A Lovely Rising is a 3 day, 2 night yoga retreat for plus size bodies  and is Hosted by More to Love at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Massachusetts.
A Lovely Rising Retreat takes place June 3-5, 2018.

Registration is now closed

Slip away from the stresses of modern life and be transported into a world where your body and heart is welcome - just as you are. More to Love's first destination retreat, A Lovely Rising, will ignite a full-essence appreciation and love for the whole of you. Through More to Love’s empowering yoga and body love activities, this 3-day experience will help you learn how to make yoga comfortable for your body, and so much more. 

Led by Rachel Estapa, founder of More to Love, A Lovely Rising will allow you to release your fears and insecurities about your body as you rise up and own your richest level of wholeness.  

  • Learn how to make yoga comfortable for your bigger body
  • Practice yoga without any fear of judgement, surrounded by like-bodied members (and teacher, too!)
  • Let your insecurities vanish as you experiencing a whole-body freedom you’ve been craving for so long.
  • Build the confidence and excitement to continue doing yoga that works for you

"A Lovely Rising is a call to come home to yourself. A call to come home to your More to Love nature. And I invite you to come to what I consider my home, Kripalu, a special place that continues to transform me."
Rachel Estapa, Founder of More to Love



Perched within the peaceful woods of the Berkshire Mountains, overlooking the shores of a glimmering lake, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health is the epitome of solace, relaxation, and deep personal renewal. 

For more than 40 years, Kripalu has been teaching skills for optimal living through education for the whole person: body, mind, heart, and spirit. It is the largest and most established retreat center for yoga, health, and holistic living in North America.

Here, your home is a sprawling campus devoted to nourishing the body, heart and soul. Wander the miles of pristine woods in quiet thought; ease into a bubbling whirlpool to soak away your stresses; or snuggle up with your favorite book in the calm of a luminous solarium - Kripalu offers you a blissful setting as you experience the A Lovely Rising retreat.

Retreat Overview

During our 3 day, 2 night retreat, you will be cared for and nourished - body, mind and soul. A Lovely Rising will offer private sessions exclusive to More to Love's retreat members, led by Rachel Estapa and masterful Kripalu faculty. Our retreat's content will cultivate lessons and activities to nurture your self-love and body acceptance. Members will also receive a deluxe gift bag, filled with special items to enhance our time together.

When not gathered as a group, you will have abundant options to deepen your personal retreat through Kripalu's numerous offerings of yoga classes, workshops, pristine grounds - and so much more! 

Below is a working outline for A Lovely Rising. To view this image larger, please click here.


Meet your host, Rachel Estapa

As founder of More to Love, Rachel Estapa provides a safe, supportive, and empowering way to practice yoga and body-acceptance. Rachel's work focus on weaving together holistic yoga practices alongside More to Love's core message of body respect and empowerment. She is a Kripalu trained yoga teacher, Institute for Professional Excellence life coach, and sought-after expert in the area of body-positivity, wellness, and yoga for larger bodied individuals. 


Welcome to my "home"

More to Love would not exist if not for Kripalu. See, my first visit to this glorious campus was during the same time in my life I chose to let-go of feeling bad about my body. I was ready to live wholly on my terms, but didn’t know how. So I booked a trip on a hope, a whim, that maybe I’ll find what I was craving - liberation.

My experience at Kripalu was life-changing. I felt free to be me, confident to move my body without insecurity, I felt ripped open in a loving and glowing way that to this day, still pulses inside. It was a beautiful convergence of my inner world reaching out and the world around me hugging in.

Empowered, I soon completed my professional yoga training at Kripalu too, ready to have my work liberate people from body-shame through the power of yoga and personal growth. So it’s only fitting that More to Love’s first destination retreat should be at Kripalu because this impressive setting truly is the “soulful home” for me, for MTL, and soon for you.



The Essentials for A Lovely Rising

The Logistics:
A Lovely Rising takes place at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, located in Stockbridge, MA, the heart of the Berkshire Mountains. The dates are Sunday, June 3, Monday, June 4 and Tuesday, June 5, 2018. 

What’s included:
 A 3-day thoughtfully curated A Lovely Rising program led by Rachel Estapa, featuring guest faculty from Kripalu on elements that complement our retreat; all meals/beverages during our program; discount off standard Kripalu room accommodation during your stay; additional access to Kripalu's daily programming (including all yoga classes, R&R programming and any other special events); exclusive access to Kripalu’s manicured properties, including state of the art amenities, access to cafe and bookshop; 24-hour access to the dining hall for snacks and teas; on-site parking; and A LOT of positive vibes!

What is NOT included:
Guests are responsible for booking and payment of their on-site Kripalu accommodations based upon your personal preference (please see below for more); transportation to/from Kripalu; Healing Arts appointments; any additional stay added as outside of the A Lovely Rising program

The cost of A Lovely Rising (excluding your travel and accommodations) is $499 in one full payment. A payment plan in available also. Please continue below for details. Attendance will be capped to ensure an intimate and rewarding experience for all, so do not delay on registering.

Payment Options:
Paid in full options are available and a payment plan will be available for a limited time (March 1 - April 30, 2018).

Refund/cancellation policy:
We ask that you commit to the best of your ability to attend this retreat. Of course, unforeseen changes occur and in that event, you will receive a full refund (less a $50 cancellation fee) if requested within ten days of your registration. After that, including any registration completed after April 16, 2018, is non-refundable/non-transferable.

Additional FAQ's

"What are the Kripalu accommodation options?"
Kripalu offers numerous room styles and options available. Attendees are required to stay on site + are responsible for booking their own accommodations. Prices for accommodations vary, but you are awarded a discount when you mention "More to Love Retreat".  Please call Kripalu directly for accommodation options and pricing and/or check here under "all other programs" for estimates. 

"Do I have to stay at Kripalu to participate?"
Yes, staying is required as this program is about community, too, and pricing factors in the amazing amenities of Kripalu. The accommodation rates for staying overnight have been discounted exclusively for this retreat. 

"Do I have to book my room now too?"
You do not have to book your accommodations when you register for the program. However, availability will be first come first serve - especially if you're opting for a more private room -  so don't wait too long to reserve your accommodations, probably aim for end of April the latest. 

"Eeekk..dorms, tho?"
I have stayed in all types of accommodations offered by Kripalu - from the dorms to the swankier Annex, and still my preference is the dorms. Why? The beds are super-soft, the rooms and spaces are clean, people are extremely respectful of the rules (lights out at 10PM!), and it's also lovely to meet people from all over. Don't think of these dorms like campgrounds - they are meant to promote restoration and ease during your stay. 

"What should I pack?"
Clothing comfortable! You’ll rarely see anyone in jeans or anything remotely close to “business wear”. This is meant to let you feel relaxed. There are plenty of places to explore, so bring a good pair of shoes/sneakers, swimsuit for the lake or whirlpool, a journal to write in, water bottle, yoga mat if you want (there are tons of them already here) and anything else you cannot live a couple days without (medications, photo of your loved ones, that teddy-bear you still sleep with but we’re not judging!)

"What about technology - aka - the love of my life, my phone!?"
This is a retreat center designed to unplug from the world, so best to limit your use of tech as much as possible. Read Kripalu’s policies on tech for more clarity.

"Am I allowed?"
More to Love has, and will be, open for all bodies and people to participate. That said, More to Love has prided itself as being a special gathering for folks in large bodies. If that’s not you, I just ask you pause and consider before registering “how might my presence impact other’s ability to feel at ease?” Regarding gender, folks identifying as male, female, both or neither, are all welcome.

"How physically challenging will this be?"
The short answer: this is a reatreat...not a yoga bootcamp! Just like More to Love Yoga, this is based on what you want to experience. Any additional activities outside of our planned session is totally up to you. And this experience is not limited to just yoga - you can partake in other types of sessions too which will be posted daily as Kripalu.

"I’d love to come, but travel/transportation is tricky."
Yes, travel will be needed for you to come to A Lovely Rising. If you’d like to offer up / partake in a carpool, simply add your name to the carpool interest list.

Don't join us if you..

  • are someone comfortable with the ordinary and not interested in adventure and stepping beyond what is “allowed”
  • do not enjoy deeply connecting with themselves and others in the name of growth and self-love
  • think an escape from the modern world's distractions, especially when the hints of warming summer air breeze through the woods, sounds really boring.