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Wanna know an easy way to live your heart's desire?

Rachel Estapa


intentionAre you creating and living intentions that have the capacity to totally transform your life? "Intention?" you might be wondering, "what does that have to do with body image & self-love?" Everything my dear, everything!

Many joys in my life have been the result of intentions coming to fruition. And no, it's not voodoo magic; it's quite easy to experience the power between the intersection of meaningful thought and diligent action.

An intention is a sexy, new-age word being tossed around lately, but don't make it harder or more sophisticated than it actually is. Intention simply means making a commitment to a value or priority while simultaneously backing it up with consistent action. It's not a wish, an answer to a prayer, or a magic bullet to turn your life into something different.  Setting and living to an intention is all about the day-to-day conscious actions you take to support a vision which reflects your heart's desire.

Simple, right? Not really? Example time!

About 6 years ago, I made the choice that it was time to really focus on my love life. While I had overcome some insecurities which held me back from dating, I was still clueless when it came to actually making it happen. I set the intention that for the next year, I would learn all about Love and put my authentic self out there.

Without action, intentions are dead ends. To support mine, I read books, poems and research on Love; I began a daily practice of writing & reflection before bed and devoted that space to expanding my own concepts and experience with Love; I joined and connected with people; I switched up my exercise routine; I smiled at everyone I met on the street; I chatted to men in coffee shops, and wore outfits I felt great in.

Some awesome shifts started happening. My life felt open, effortless and honest - I was sharing the best of myself with others and learning what Love meant for me. My work paid off because in that same period, I met my now fiancé. And I have many other examples of how intentions brought forth what I desired most from life.

When to use them

Intentions are a huge signal you're sending out into the world that broadcasts "Hey look, I actually give a damn about myself and I'm willing to learn something important here!"

Intentions are helpful when:

  • you want to make a meaningful life change, but aren't sure what the path ahead is
  • you're tired of struggling with something and want to discover some clarity and peace of mind to help you move beyond it
  • you have a crystal clear vision and want to make sure your thoughts, words, actions and investments align to that vision
  • you're ready to stop trying to get things perfect and are ready to open yourself up to a realm of new possibilities

When I first start working with a new client, we set an intention for our time together because it creates a purposeful space to allow for growth, curiosity, and opportunities to come forth.

Next week, I'll talk about HOW to stick to an intention and even provide some great resources to help!

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XO, Rachel


A year totally worth celebrating (in photos!)

Rachel Estapa


Welcome 2013!!  But before I jump into this new year, 2012 for both Undercurrent Coaching AND myself have been nothing short of AMAZING. So rather than tell you why, I'll show you some photo highlights of why this past year was so awesome :) Wishing you all a very happy New Year ahead!

Best, Rachel O'h-Uiginn CEO Undercurrent Coaching for Curvy Gals




I got engaged to my soul-mate and best friend! He popped the question two weeks before Christmas, so this holiday has been especially full of love and good cheer :)


BodyCurvy gals rule!

My coaching comes home: I took a leap of faith, following my heart & own story to begin working with women about body-image & self love. The new connections, transformed clients & inspiring ideas within this space are truly outstanding!

You can read my breakthrough story here.


FlowersThis awesome testimonial from one of my ROCK STAR clients. Seriously, it made me tear up! <3

Rachel is absolutely amazing. She has completely changed my life. I think many of us struggle with insecurities. I was (am!) overweight and drowning in insecurities. My insecurities defined me more clearly than my attributes or personality! I thought of myself as the fat girl. I recognized that I had good things about me, but I sincerely believed no one could see past my excess weight. Even I couldn't see past it, how could others?

As it turns out, until I started to see past it, others didn't And that’s where Rachel’s approach was so amazing. She taught me to stop focusing on everyone else, on what everyone else saw and what everyone else expected. Everyone has insecurities, but she helped me understand that my insecurities weren't my defining features – and helped me to find value in myself. And that truly has made all the difference in the world for me.

My life now is so different than it was before Rachel and I started working together. Her approach is very gentle, but focuses on building you up from the inside-out. It’s worth it! I think about myself, my life and my confidence completely differently, I’m so much happier now!! I’m not exaggerating in the least when I say she changed my life, and I highly recommend talking with her! ~ T.D.




Zenning out, Rachel style

I finally visited Kripalu in western Massachusetts to attend a workshop with Geneen Roth and to have a much needed R&R weekend. It was glorious and I'm already planning my next visit!


[gallery ids="2258,2257,2256"]


A few photos from my #gradidays challenge, where I posted photos of all the things I'm thankful for in my life.



This photo of me just about sums up 2012!!

'Nuff said! 


I'm bringing CURVY back

Rachel Estapa


Did HELL freeze over? Did I actually post this photo across my social feeds and did people respond with amazing kudos and support? Since ditching the diet mentality, these past few months have been some of the joyous I've ever felt. I use to down-play my body type by covering it up, considering my wider hips, broader shoulders and belly to be ...well....gross.

I feel so grounded and at peace with my new attitude and outlook on myself and my body. And that deeper confidence is showing through in how I dress and present myself. COLORFULLY. LIVELY.PROUDLY. 

As I'm researching other coaches and thought-leaders in the body-positive movement, I'm astonished by the fact that I was so ignorant to this area for so long. But that's not surprising when I think about it -- we see the world with the eyes we have. Now that I'm actively searching for new contacts, inspiration and connections, the body-positive arena is OVERFLOWING with amazing women who are allowing their natural beauty and confidence to shine.

And for the first time I thought to myself "I'm home..I'm finally home."

The issue that brought me so much pain for so long, my struggles with weight and body image, has become my most sacred and special place. Rumi is dead-on when he recited the line:

 "Through Love all pain will turn to medicine"

I'm excited to walk down this new path, helping women (and men too!) turn their body-pain into medicine for their spirit. It's happening..we're all growing more whole with Love, and I'm so ready to do my part <3

Curvy with confidence!


If you do not think you deserve it, no one else will think so either

Rachel Estapa

Deserve it

So I did something special for myself -- I booked a weekend at Kripalu in western Massachusetts. It's a yoga and wellness center that I've been dying to visit ever since I realized such a place existed. But don't think I'll just be doing yoga and hugging trees for a weekend ... oh, no.

I'll be attending the "Women, Food & God" workshop of a personal icon of mine, Geneen Roth, who has written books on the very subject I'm changing my coaching practice to -- body image and self-worth for people who have a long, complex history with food and weight.

About a month ago I learned  she was coming to my area and I went as far as the final registration page to sign up --

... but then ...

You don't have the $$ for that, Rachel.

Come on, what is this ANOTHER one of your "let me be all fucking self-important and play student" for another weekend?

What if it's all weirdos? And you're, like, naked the whole time? What if it's ALL the things you already heard before but you're too lazy to actually do?

And for about 3 weeks those voices kept winning out. I didn't register, I kept saying "well, maybe next time ..."

But then last week it hit me: FUCK NEXT TIME.

By depriving myself of something I genuinely wanted -- genuinely deserved -- to give myself, I was reinforcing the belief that I cannot have what I really want.

No way am I waiting till next time -- the stars were aligned for this and it's moments like these in life you have to SAY YES and BECOME them, because all too often the useless excuses we make to stop our amazement just end up pushing us further from who we want to be.


It's this same deprivation thinking that hurts many women; the belief that any experience outside of what we think we're allowed to experience is bad.

So I signed up, I have a car rental ready and I'm off to western Mass. on Friday to hippie it up, share a dorm room with almost 20+ others, maybe swim nakie, and HAVE FUN! I can't wait to attend the many yoga classes -- not to mention lounge in a whirlpool, go for a hike, friggin' drum circle or whatever, and then participate in an informational, inspirational workshop in a small, intimate setting in the middle of the woods in the Berkshires WITH AN AWESOME PERSON LEADING IT.

I'm so excited that I'm pretty sure my boyfriend, co-workers, and my own mother are about a day away from having an intervention with the banner "CALM DOWN, RACHEL."

But whatever makes ya happy (or a hippie)!


The very naked truth: I'm coming home, baby!

Rachel Estapa

I will work with plus-sized women who see their weight as the source of their unhappiness and believe that it's holding them back from finding love and living life to the fullest. I will help them feel for the first time how love of self reigns supreme and through strengthening this core piece, all else becomes possible. I will encourage and show them they CAN have it all no matter what their pant size says and most importantly, they will experience first-hand that being happier doesn't only need to come from being thinner.

Read More

A ban on being busy

Rachel Estapa

I have an issue *GASP* -- I over-extend myself too much. Like, way too much. Most of the time I think I can juggle a really hectic, over-flowing schedule filled with extremely interesting & fun things. The most common question I get asked is "How do you manage to do all that you do?!" I usually reply with something about being good at time management (which is true) -- but really, I've a hard time saying no, take on way too much responsibility, and don't want to let people down. I'm a "helper" at the core, but it sometimes leaves me feeling exhausted, run-down and out of juice for the things I really really care about. So over the past few months I've been doing a hard inventory of my responsibilities, my goals and my passions to see where the imbalances lie. Too often, I was putting other things in front of my own personal priorities and it was costing me the most important thing of all -- my sense of inner-balance.

But it's very hard to let go of things go. But in order to regain balance, you must let go. It's a paradox - but one you cannot think yourself to understanding. You have to feel it. You have to feel that release of duty, obligation, selfishness, guilt, expectation, disappointment and even pride.

In four years I've changed a lot (who doesn't?) but was also starting to become a hypocrite -- sharing insights w/ my clients on ways to approach how they invest themselves, and then turn around and not heed for myself. How could I be a truthful coach and not walk my talk? It was really getting to me.

Inside, I felt all my conflicting demands and I'm really sensitive to that tug. And every time I'd try to justify why it was OK to fill up my schedule despite my interest fading for it, my inner voice would remind me..Rach, you know what you're doing right now, don't you...

And when it actually came to time finally relax, I was so guilt-ridden that I "should" be doing something that I never allowed myself the opportunity to just be. Doing nothing meant I was wasteful.

So I made changes.  I stepped back from responsibilities that were no longer in-line with my personal goals and priorities. I carved out more personal time to do things that are purely for my own well-being. I took time to make space for personal relationships and hobbies. But I still have to let go of the need to do it all.

The whole concept of Undercurrent is knowing what your energy is being spent on and answering the question "Do I feel energized or drained?" Lots of people are busy -- but busy doesn't mean fulfilling. Busy is actually closest to its opposite -- idle. Even though I was go-go-go, I felt idle in the areas I wanted to focus on most.

"Manage your energy -- not your time."

Join me -- I'm putting a ban on being busy...and it all starts with a perception shift.

X --Rachel


Time GenY ditches the EVERYONE GETS A STAR mentality

Rachel Estapa

As someone in their late 20s, I know how important it is to feel like you’re doing the “right thing.” Growing up, we all knew exactly what was expected of us to achieve success and get praise for it. In fact, that praise became a perpetual motion machine – many GenYer's feel the incessant need to be acknowledged, gratified and acclaimed in everything they do. It’s really a different world once you step from the "everyone gets a star" protective bubble and lots of young adults are finding instant gratification and praise in their personal & career pursuits hard to come by.

Career and calling are nearly synonymous to our generation. We really want to be accomplished and successful in a short time span, but that’s not always going to happen right outside the gates of college. Many get frustrated, feel stuck and disappointed that no one thinks they are as incredible as they’ve been told they are.

But instead of getting upset, what does a really ambitious, go-getter GenY’er have to do? Here are some tips that I personally implement for when I get impatient and compare myself to others:

You’re not a failure just because you have to wait. If life unfolded just as quickly as our Facebook feeds refresh, our civilization would probably be so advanced that the concept of works & career would be obsolete. Ok, you know what I mean – the pathway in life doesn’t appear overnight, so freaking out over things "not happening fast enough” will get you one place very quickly -- stress-town.

Whoever is telling you that you must figure your life out  right now is full of shit. And if this person DID figure it all out before 30, they’re probably the most dull, boring and predictable person EVER. Think about all the amazing adventures, stories and opportunities people have who didn't live life by some pre-destined play book. Their attitude toward being open and curious brought about variety to explore, play and figure things out as it comes. I know, I know – that uncertainty feeling is really uncomfortable, but life is full of unknowable situations. The only thing you can master is how you handled life’s ebb & flow as you progress onward.

Sorry, but you’re not going to be Mark Zuckerberg or the guy that invented Instgram. And there’s nothing wrong with you because of that.There’s a fine balance between seeking advice and inspiration from what others experienced, but comparing yourself to their path is a one-way ticket to let down. You are NOT them. You’re going to have a very difference experience, one that will shape what your imprint in the world is. Own your unique story now, because it’s impossible to ever live out someone else’s.

Ease up, but don't give up. We all see the news reports --- the economic & career outlook for GenY looks grim. I know first-hand how difficult it is to find work, let alone, work that makes your heart sing. That’s why letting go of the expectation of what you thought you’d be doing may ease the stress. In no way am I saying “give up” – never ever – more like “ease up” and allow for your life to unfold as it may. Follow what your interests are, do what you can to align yourself in the direction towards a worthy goal, and be a nice person along the way. Really – being nice helps!

I’m a firm believer that little victories towards a worthy goal are what make for an enjoyable life.

Letting go & receiving strength

Rachel Estapa

Balance rocks

During an intense yoga class, we were asked to move into a difficult balance pose standing upon one leg while your arms reached down to the ground, all with your eyes closed. My legs wobbled, my body shook, my heart raced as I felt like I could fall forward at any given moment. I knew I wasn’t alone in this discomfort either. Then the teacher said “Yogis – stop trying to find your balance; you won’t. You receive balance.”

So I let go of thinking I was going to fall, which allowed my muscles and legs to better support me. I let go of the belief that I needed eyes to ensure my balance and safety. I discovered more strength in surrendering to my body, trusting that it will carry me.

Off the yoga mat, this simple notion of receiving vs. finding balance is really powerful and I wanted to digest it more, mainly because I find myself struggling to keep balance. It's a paradox -- the more you try to obtain balance, the less you actually experience it.

Letting go is not an easy thing to do. Control is how we gauge success – letting go seems like the opposite to getting what we want. In our quest to control, we’re actually working against our true expression of what we’re capable of discovering about ourselves. When you let go, you also take away the pressure to perform/get it right/fix/solve, ect. In letting go, you accept that the experience will occur organically and you can find enjoyment in that.

The most common issue my clients face is what to do when they feel like they aren’t in control of their life. I resonate deeply with this, because earlier in my 20’s I put a lot of pressure on myself to control nearly every aspect of my life. What ended up happening was I created a false sense of security, because when things were no longer “in my control” I wasn’t able to cope. I’d break down, close up and feel terrible and helpless.

It wasn’t until I learned that the only thing I can actually control is what I do with my reactions to things and how I perceive a situation. I’ve passed this knowledge onto my clients and when they let it take root, amazing changes come about.

They start to tell me they feel less anxious about being perfect. They find themselves taking in the quieter, more subtle moments of life. They stop feeling guilty for not “doing enough” and instead, appreciate the lessons and experiences they have.

Letting go of control allows us to experience richer joy and fuller happiness.

When I become increasingly stressed out, I need to remind myself that letting go allows for some other force to carry the weight – my shoulders, back, mind, and heart can’t do the heavy lifting all the time. Letting go brings about new insights and opportunities, a chance to take a breather and listen to my intuition guide my actions. It’s like a vacation for my spirit.

(Photo rights reserved by Heiko Brinkmann)

Am I crazy? Why nearing 30 doesn't freak me out

Rachel Estapa

Yesterday, I was sitting next to a high school student who was getting tutored in math. His tutor casually mentioned something about being in his mid-30's but didn't feel old and the student said "Well, to me -- anything over 25 is really old."  I could only laugh, because face it -- we all felt that way at one point. In one month, I'll be turning 28 years old.  I'm actually really excited about it - the number has a nice ring to it, but more so, it's one step closer to 30 which in my eyes is something to look forward to. Why? Because it means I've got 30 years of experience and that's pretty awesome. Also, I hear many people say 30 is when their life REALLY takes off --- so I can only image how much more fun I'll have.

But I know I'm of a small minority who doesn't seem to mind (yet) the cold truth of life ---- YOU GET OLDER.

If you've not seen it, there's a really funny parody called "We're Not Young" stemmed from that insanely catchy "We are Young" song. It's mocking the 30-somethings waking up to a life they didn't ever think they'd have -- full of nothing and going nowhere.

Sometimes when I speak with those in their later 20's, they have this really worried look on their face when they realize they are growing older. Many feel like life just landed in their laps, outside of their control -- they woke up one day and found themselves in the place they are. Some are fine with it -- other, errr..not so much.

The "auto-pilot" feeling is what bothers people the most because it feels like life is happen to them, not through them. There's a big difference.

The reason I coach 20-somethings is because I know how valuable and important it is to get your act together NOW, so you're not waking up one day resenting the past and feeling hopeless about the future. There's enough stressful life-balance to come, so why not seize the opportunity to work on yourself today? If you can nip your quaterlife crisis sooner, your future self is really going to thank you.

So no -- I'm not afraid to hit 30 because I've done everything I possibly can in my life thus far given the resources and opportunities afforded to me.

I've gone through plenty of extremely stressful & difficult times; I've made mistakes and have learned valuable lessons from them; I've had some incredible adventures and honors bestowed; I've been in a loving, caring relationship for over four years now; my friendships are sources of great joy; my family (and extended)  is amazing; I'm in love with the neighborhood I live in; I take good care of myself and FINALLY, I'm not broke.  But most of all -- my personal & professional life is a direct reflection of my passions and values.

In short -- I'm HAPPY! And that feeling is ageless.

"I Do!....someday, just not right now."

Rachel Estapa

What's your typical response when people ask you "So, when are YOU two getting married?" I've lived with my boyfriend for a little over two and a half years now, together over four and we have a legal domestic partnership.  But no, we're not married.  No, we're not engaged. No, I'm not upset about that. And while one day that's the plan, for today -- we're quite happy with where we're at.

We're not alone either -- many of my non-married, cohabitating friends own homes together with their significant others, have pets, and even children. Living in sin? I don't think so. Making love work for a new age? Absolutely!

Just last week, a great article from the Christian Science Monitor came out in defense of this Millennial trend to hold off on marriage. The reasons for waiting are many. Some want to develop their own careers first and others want to be more financially stable. Most 20-somethings just want to have their own sh*t together before they make any huge commitments and I think that's pretty responsible of us.

But let's not dispute the elephant in the room -- DIVORCE FREAKS US OUT.

Many of us grew up during the same time divorce rates skyrocketed. While my parents are still married, I knew many kids at school who had to go through their parent's divorce. There may be no such thing as the 'happily ever after' marriage, but we as a generation saw firsthand lots of unhappily wrecked marriages.

So, pls understand our reservations up front...but remember -- we're an optimistic generation too!

  • Fact: Majority of millennials totally want to get married [me included!]
  • Fact: They want to make sure they are certain of themselves before they commit to marriage
  • Fact: Relationships, legally binding or not, are EXTREMELY important to us --- just because we're not walking down the aisle doesn't mean we're not invested with all our heart.

My partner and I have been through hardships that would test marriage's strength and we're together still and stronger for it. No ceremony, ring, or signed paperwork can make-up for the lack of  trust, communication and genuine love required for a lasting relationship.

What I think is most interesting (and awesome) about committed millennials is that they don't see marriage as the only method to developing a meaningful, lasting and healthy relationship.  GenY's got a lot of faith in their partner and as a demographic, our ability to keep long-lasting social and romantic relationships is quite remarkable.

We're pioneers purposefully altering the long-held assumption that becoming married was the sign of adulthood and of being in a true romantic relationship. Some may end up getting married eventually (as the data shows) and some may not -- but what I think is important to note, our generation isn't jumping into something they feel they ought to - we're consciously making the choice to become married when we want to. 

And that's awesome.

The Hardest Lesson of All – To Love Thy Self

Rachel Estapa

Why do we need to love ourselves? A favored topic among women’s literature and magazines, self-love advice is usually wrapped up in one or two vague and prescriptive lines, like be more confident; believe in yourself; accept who you are. Has that advice ever helped you to? Probably not.

Love's complexity is also its' beauty. Healthy self-love is the full expression of the human spirit and without that sense of inner peace co-existing with the outer world, well --- life would be pretty unbearable. 

Self-love is what propels us to become better versions of ourselves. It's not a static end-point -- you don't awake one day, fully self-loving and expect that to continue for the rest of your days.

Inspiration and reflection blend seamlessly together. Self-love is the balance between appreciating who you are and discovering who you will become.

Loving the self makes all other expressions of love visible. Like a house of cards, each layer depends upon the strength of the former, yet, each new layer, an extension of trust too.

Love of anything or anyone depends upon how much of yourself you see reflected within it. You soon recognize there is no separation between you and the other  - somehow, you understand it's all connected.

It’s one thing to intellectual say this and another to viscerally experience it. In the state of lucid acceptance, judgment of self is nearly impossible – and this ushers in the realization that self-love is possible when you stop being critical of yourself and appreciate the simplicity of being you.

What does it take to actually love yourself? There are conditions which bring about this desired level of awareness, and it’s comprised of virtues like openness, patience, acceptance, benevolence– you know, all those admirable human traits that have been around since the dawn of time.

But one important component to receiving self-love is, paradoxically, the experience of pain. Pain shapes how we navigate the world – pain’s lingering nature has the ability to haunt and torment long after the cause. In understanding your pain, you can understand your freedom too.

“There is a secrete medicine given only to those who hurt so hard they can’t hope – the hopers would feel slighted if they knew…” -Rumi

What this medicine is will vary for person to person, but it’s received through the altering of your pain. The transformation to self-loves comes from accepting your pain as your promise. They are inseparable.  Until you connect the halves with you, authentic self-love is not possible. No one else can bring these two segments together for you.

Love of self makes all other expressions of love possible for everything we encounter is a mirror of who we are. The more we love and accept our selves, the greater we do the same to others.

The reason why your New Year's resolutions don't stick

Rachel Estapa

2012 has been getting hype for what...nearly six years now? Whether you're into that whole "Mayan End of Days" thing or of the conviction that 2012 will usher in some huge awakening for's safe to say we're all putting a lot of pressure on this upcoming year.

Maybe it's the freshness, the newness, the unlimited possibility of new beginnings and a clean slate to build upon -- but somewhere around late February, the year's new shine starts to fade, old habits resurface and thoughts of well there is always next year trickle in. Pressure and expectations of greatness typically lead to one thing -- a major letdown.

It doesn't have to be that way, you know...

When I was in my earlier 20's, I used to think often in "if only" terms. Example...if only I could lose 20lbs, then I'd fit into the sexier outfit & get myself a great guy! Errrr. Another good one was...Once I get a master's degree, then I can start thinking about being a life coach. Bah!

So, with all these conditions, all these boundaries [calendar dates included] we put around ourselves -- how do they really support the end goal for us? They don't -- they only make us feel pressure and upset if we don't live up to them.

Reaching goals takes far more than just a wish, a prayer, setting a due-date then going back to life on autopilot. Accomplishing a goal comes down to how well you stick to it during the inevitable periods of when you just want to give up and stop believing in yourself and the outcome.

Ask anyone who achieves a goal they set out to do --they will tell you that the trick is to keep going despite being imperfect. The "perfect" you isn't out there somewhere to just bump into one day -- what you do today makes who you are tomorrow. 

Jan 1 or June 9 -- what's really the difference? What magical powers are present on the first of the year that aren't still available somewhere in mid-August? Think about it....if you want to change something, the only time that matters is the one you're in now. And it's that type of thinking that builds momentum around a change and actually gets you results.

THIS moment carries with you always. Jan 1? -- it's done and gone in 24hrs. Let the symbolism of the New Year remind you that at ANY time a new start is available.

Wishing you a goal-reaching year ahead,


Pass the gravy and the thanks around

Rachel Estapa

It's around this time of year we all pause for a sec and ask "Has it REALLY been a year...already?!" And my guess is that as you grow older, the stark realization becomes even more intense that time isn't going to slow down. All this makes it even more important to reflect back on where you've come so far this year -- and more importantly, recognize and appreciate who helped you along the way.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone -- and as awesome as turkey and mashed potatoes are, tell your fam & friends [and coaching supporters!] just how much they mean to you :)


Share your 20s in six words or less

Rachel Estapa

If you're currently a 20-something, or just a little beyond, let's play a game: sum up the experience of your 20s in six words or less.  Here's mine:  Found my path, now walking it

A link to a slide show from New York Magazine's article "The Kids Are Actually Sort of Alright" does a blunt job of presenting the varied experiences of the typical American 20-something, entering what's now being called the "Post-Hope America" era.

"Ugh, why is change so hard?" It's your beliefs!

Rachel Estapa

Whenever we become aware that something in our life isn’t working out, our belief system is the first thing challenged. Unless we’re equipped with a way to re-tune what we believe about the world and our capabilities, lasting change is impossible.

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Generation NEXT -- Why I want to coach Millennials

Rachel Estapa

I believe so much in the power, integrity and passion of my age-group, known as the Millennials. We understand logically and emotionally that change IS very possible and necessary, but that we’ve got to take personal responsibility to make it happen. And we need to get real serious, real fast.

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