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A Happy Time

Rachel Estapa

In just a few short months, my life has changed for the better, deeper and more fulfilling. And this change is fueled by one thing: becoming more self-aware. I'm so unbelievably happy to be pursuing a coaching profession because it feels like the best parts of me are being put to use. I've been pushed, challenged, inspired, brought to tears, excited, terrified, supported, empowered, educated and humbled. And I'm only half way through it. My experience in the program has greatly enhanced other important areas of my life. My relationship has grown even deeper and more fulfilling, and communication is seamless -- and we've always prided ourselves on an already strong foundation. I'm able to more openly share my thoughts, fears, joys and Love with richer understanding and acceptance by him. I have become a better listener, grounded in non-judgement and compassion. And as I write this, it's our three-year anniversary together and I'm very happy and fortunate to share my life with him. Work too has been energetic and supportive, and I've made incredible connections with co-workers who truly respect and appreciate what I have to offer. Overall, I'm less stressed, have been consistently moving my body, am  eating more consciously, getting better rest, have more vitality and seem more bubbly!

But the biggest transformation has come from within -- and it's nothing shocking or some great awakening. It's more like a centered and purposeful awareness of what I've always known to be in me, but needed the right conditions to show itself.  I like to call it "grace" because it's a kind feeling towards myself.  I'm becoming someone who is accepting and confident in exactly who I am. Sure, the old tremors of self-doubt come back from time to time, but the voice is less daunting and less intimidating. Replacing it is my authentic voice which trusts and believes in my abilities.  It's a great feeling to not only have wonderful support from those around you, but to also have it within yourself. All this has transpired in a few short months of sincere effort to become more self-aware. My actions are aligned to my values and heart --this intention is my creation. I'm now convinced that energy flows outward, and what you carry inside will manifest itself all around you.