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Am I crazy? Why nearing 30 doesn't freak me out

Rachel Estapa

Yesterday, I was sitting next to a high school student who was getting tutored in math. His tutor casually mentioned something about being in his mid-30's but didn't feel old and the student said "Well, to me -- anything over 25 is really old."  I could only laugh, because face it -- we all felt that way at one point. In one month, I'll be turning 28 years old.  I'm actually really excited about it - the number has a nice ring to it, but more so, it's one step closer to 30 which in my eyes is something to look forward to. Why? Because it means I've got 30 years of experience and that's pretty awesome. Also, I hear many people say 30 is when their life REALLY takes off --- so I can only image how much more fun I'll have.

But I know I'm of a small minority who doesn't seem to mind (yet) the cold truth of life ---- YOU GET OLDER.

If you've not seen it, there's a really funny parody called "We're Not Young" stemmed from that insanely catchy "We are Young" song. It's mocking the 30-somethings waking up to a life they didn't ever think they'd have -- full of nothing and going nowhere.

Sometimes when I speak with those in their later 20's, they have this really worried look on their face when they realize they are growing older. Many feel like life just landed in their laps, outside of their control -- they woke up one day and found themselves in the place they are. Some are fine with it -- other, errr..not so much.

The "auto-pilot" feeling is what bothers people the most because it feels like life is happen to them, not through them. There's a big difference.

The reason I coach 20-somethings is because I know how valuable and important it is to get your act together NOW, so you're not waking up one day resenting the past and feeling hopeless about the future. There's enough stressful life-balance to come, so why not seize the opportunity to work on yourself today? If you can nip your quaterlife crisis sooner, your future self is really going to thank you.

So no -- I'm not afraid to hit 30 because I've done everything I possibly can in my life thus far given the resources and opportunities afforded to me.

I've gone through plenty of extremely stressful & difficult times; I've made mistakes and have learned valuable lessons from them; I've had some incredible adventures and honors bestowed; I've been in a loving, caring relationship for over four years now; my friendships are sources of great joy; my family (and extended)  is amazing; I'm in love with the neighborhood I live in; I take good care of myself and FINALLY, I'm not broke.  But most of all -- my personal & professional life is a direct reflection of my passions and values.

In short -- I'm HAPPY! And that feeling is ageless.