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Could this be the BEST advice ever?

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Could this be the BEST advice ever?

Rachel Estapa


brain-vs-heartHow much would you pay a person to tell you the correct answer to nearly every single one of your pressing life questions? And would you think I was totally nuts if I gave it away to you for free? (Plus, another important tip is down below...) So -- here you are!

The best advice you're ever going to get is the one you'll hear only when you shut up your mind, shut out your doubt and say "Ok, for real - I'm listening to you now heart, gimme what you've got." 100% perfect reply 100% of the time.

At first, my clients have a really tough time with that statement above. I work very well with ladies who are super-smart, fiercely opinionated and devoutly convinced they can think their way out of anything. Why? Because I'm one of them :) But being so head-driven comes at an expense - the heart's own wisdom and answers do not always get expressed and that leads to a lot of unintended tension and frustration when it comes to wanting to do what's best.

Are you suffering from blocked-heart syndrome? Symptoms of a blocked-heart include the following:

  • Lack of trust in other people
  • Doubt in your own ability to make the "right choice"
  • Feeling like no one connects or relates to you
  • Believing that emotions cannot be trusted
  • Over-thinking to the point of inaction
  • Literally feeling like there are two parts of yourself in constant tension

A life with a blocked heart leads to one thing: a deep disconnect between who you are and what you act like.

Living with an open heart is nearly the total opposite - life feels easier, decisions come more natural and you just feel better in your skin.

Want long-lasting results found only through an open-heart? You'll finally experience:

  • Deep sense of peace and calm 
  • Feeling like you're connected not to just one person, but many people
  • Confidence that you can make the best choices for yourself
  • That your emotions can be trusted just as equally as the mind
  • You may still over-think, but you catch it quickly and won't let it derail you
  • Grounded, centered and whole in yourself

Life with an open-heart is one of joy, love and feeling like you are living and acting like who you really are.

A lot of my clients find it tricky to distinguish between head & heart, especially when we start to dig deeper into overcoming body-image issues and learning to trust in one's heart more. But as a reformed over-thinker myself, the benefits of learning how to lead with the heart are many. Stepping into the heart more can be such a relief, especially for those tired of feeling like their minds are sucking the fun out of everything.

Here are some steps that can help you begin leading more with your heart.

1. Take time to be quiet and explore what your heart it telling you. Learning to sit with stillness is an important first step and even after a few moments, you'll begin to feel more connected to yourself. This is the realm of mindfulness and meditation, which really is all about helping to balance the mind so you can pay attention to other parts of yourself more easily.

2. Recognize when your mind is over-worked, then invite it to take a short break. The mind backs down fairly quickly the moment we kindly say "Ok, I hear ya but you need to chill out for a minute." With your mind more at ease, you can then begin to focus on sensations in your body and emotional side, which leads to your heart. It takes practice and patience, but I honestly believe the mind gladly takes a vacation when we give it permission to.

3. Connect with that happy-place inside. Each one of us has a spot within that is full of love, warmth and tenderness. This is your heart center and it's exceptionally wise, so the more you can visit that area, the better you'll get at listening and calling upon your heart to provide you with deep answers and awareness.

And here is my #1 hint to know that you're listening to your heart: The answer feels like a total no-brainer. No second-guessing needed because where you've landed is exactly what you needed to hear.

Leading with your heart doesn't mean your mind is bad, not at all -- it just means that you recognize there are certain things your heart has better answers to than your mind. Learning to trust and lead from the heart is a life-long practice, but is one that brings a profound sense of calm and certainty to life's important questions.