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Facebookin' it up in the New Year

Rachel Estapa

Since starting UNDERCURRENT, I had to re-brand and clean up my personal Facebook account. Not that there were TOO many incriminating photos :) --but, just like a person grows-up, so too must your Facebook. You always hear about people saying that what you put out on the internet stays for eternity, but how many people consciously fine-tune what kind of image they are promoting? But yeah -- I do it -- I use Facebook as a vetting process to see what type of person you are by things like a photo, or wall-posts and what groups you join. It that judgmental? Am I a snob? Well, in this  information age that is what we all rely upon for first impressions.  So, I had to step-up my facebook act...and Undercurrent outta join the fun.

The fan-page is: UNDERCURRENT: Civic Engagement + Positive Psychology. Join, spread, and help this idea grow. Many of my civic minded friends post groups, events and ideas they've come across and I'd like to use the same for Undercurrent's page. But, the thing about new media is that it cannot replace the connections made offline. The 6-word Memoirs website ran a bit on new media and living online. Many people wrote about how addicted they are to the internet or how online has helped them on a variety of levels. Like many my age, I grew up along-side the internet, and took in its highs & lows. But at the end of the day, my 6-word memoir was: "Facebook cannot replace face-to-face." Lunch, anyone?

Take care,