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Find your tribe + love them back

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Find your tribe + love them back

Rachel Estapa


BelongI was very ignorant to the fact that there was a healthy, vibrant & active community of plus-size women online all offering love and support to one another. But my ignorance made sense - we can only see the world with the eyes we allow ourselves to have. If you dare to shift your awareness and perspective, you'll uncover an amazing community of people who compliment where you are in life. When I discovered my plus-size health & wellness tribe, I felt like I was home. And more importantly, the whole world felt more and more like home because I wanted it to feel that way. I wanted to feel like I belonged.

So thank you to all my friends (new + old), followers & growing tribe-members -- connecting with you brings out the best within me. You each are a unique inspiration, and no amount of coaching, self-help or personal growth can override how great it feels to be among soul-friends.

Happiness is believing that it's already here  -- but one also needs to be ready to appreciate it. Otherwise, you're blind to what you've actually had within you all along.