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FREE Mini-workshop! "Your Energetic Make-up"

Rachel Estapa

Hi everyone, Wanted to share some exciting news that I've been invited to speak at an upcoming event for a Boston area Law of Attraction group. I wanted to pass and share this info w/ you all, in case your in the Boston area and want to join us. You'll learn a lot about yourself in a VERY short time! Click here to RSVP directly or send me an email. Thanks!

"Your Energetic Make-up: How higher consciousness raises personal success" Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Energy Leadership is the path of higher consciousness. We are all leaders within ourselves, among others and in our communities. Life is an energetic experience and we have within us the power to consciously choose which version of energy we want an abundance of.

When we’re aware of which form of energy is prevailing in our lives, we can consciously transform it to become our ally and begin to release what is holding us back.  Destructive energy causes us to worry, live in fear, and feel helpless regarding our position in life. Constructive energy is the realm of pure passion, confidence and intuition, and allows us to create and live in the flow of being.

This mini-workshop will introduce you to the Core Energy Leadership process, including the seven layers of consciousness available to us all, will help you recognize which energy is prevalent in your life, and provide you with an opportunity to make the shift from victim to victory. You’ll leave with worksheets to aid your growth and a renewed sense of purpose and awareness about yourself and the world around you.

Rachel O’h-Uiginn of Undercurrent Coaching encourages individuals to explore personal awareness as a pathway to higher potential. She is an iPEC trained life-coach with 400+ working hours and is currently obtaining an additional certification as an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner. Rachel is also a civic leader in the Boston area, inspiring those within her Generation Y demographic to discover their inner world and share it with as many people as possible. For more information, please visit