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Hitting the wall

Rachel Estapa

What happens when you hit the wall? It implies that you're no longer able to go the route you have been going because something is now blocking it.  You want to give up, give-in, the pain is too much -- your motivation is failing you. Theoretically, it's the realization that what you have been doing is no longer working for you. Positive or negative, hitting the wall means you're due for a change and need to pull from a new source to see you though. You're now face to face with something holding you back, but that's not the scary part -- it's the question of " How can I possibly do this?" Sometimes even more that, it's the realization that something deeper and more underlying is at the core of your behaviors that is perhaps too painful, uncomfortable or scary to address. This is where people self-sabotage themselves; consciously thinking they want a change, but continue to act against their better judgement.

Hitting the wall results it two plausibilities: a breakthrough or a retreat. Which avenue you chose depends upon your attitude and resilience. Time and time again, people come to a turning opportunity and fail to see it through to the other side. I've fallen victim to the walls intimidating nature because I wasn't sure if I could handle the new me on the other side.

In my coaching practice, I'm learning that 'hitting the wall' is a life-changing awareness that some people either embrace what lies ahead, or revert back to old behaviors. Naturally, it's really scary to know that something in your life is blocking you, but hell -- it's comfortable. The devil you do know is better than the devil you don't....right?

Breakthroughs can only happen once you're facing your own wall and realize that it's nothing more than the unraveling of what you understand about yourself. And on the plus, who has ever said they felt worse after a pivotal breakthrough? It's typically a feeling of relief, enlightenment and a new beginning grounded in self-confidence.

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding~ Kahil Gibran

Breakthroughs are sought-after because they are so up-lifting and inspiring. Just...don't think that someone/thing outside yourself is going to help you have a break-through. No amount of yoga, therapy, backpacking through Europe or retreats to the mountain will solve it for you. You just need to close your eyes, face what's blocking you and tear it down piece by piece

It takes courage to face your own wall, but those that breakthrough have something within them that understands the temporary pain is worth the inevitable opening on the other-side.