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LIVING your worth

Rachel Estapa

Don't just settle for knowing your worth -- go out and LIVE your worth. There's a natural anxiety that comes about when you feel that you're being taken for granted or under appreciated. But did you know what you do with that realization foretells the future for you?

Most deal with feeling undervalued by being resentful, grumpy and bitter towards the perceived "oppressor."  Whether in a relationship, at work, school or even with yourself , how you react when feeling under-valued is an indicator of what you can expect in return.

So what does LIVING your worth really mean? I've come up with a few points to consider the next time you feel like you're being under-valued.

  • It's no one else's responsibility but your own to guarantee your success & happiness
  • Living your worth isn't based upon the external -- it's how balanced and confident you feel within, which then flows out into whatever you want
  • Don't ever demand anything -- instead, create the space for the other person to feel empowered and together, design a win/win solution
  • Your worth is the currency of opportunity you're able to present
  • Worth is synonymous with respect, admiration & desire from the others point of view.
  • Improve your own self-worth and it will ignite a chain reaction
  • If you don't ask for it, how will others be able to grant it?

Practice your self-worth day-to-day life; in how you treat yourself, how you treat others & the attitude you harbor about the world around you. Self-worth is the reflection of your inner relationship -- consciously or not, others can pick up on what type of message you're sending out and return in kind. This is a principal long used by those who live their worth and understand it all comes down to attitude -- you're either putting people off or pulling people in.

If your constantly upset and discouraged, that impacts how  well you're living your worth. If you find yourself blaming others for you feeling undermined, what's been your approach to the situation? Are you honoring your own worth? If not, why should anyone else?