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Notes Taken

Rachel Estapa

Day at Waldon Pond w/ HDT.I've learned a lot since being laid-off nearly a year and a half ago - perhaps it's a good thing for me to go through this trying time early in my life.  As difficult as it's been, it's made me realize a lot about myself, the world around me and what it takes to navigate it. With a few new opportunities on the horizon, I thought it would be nice to reflect upon what I've learned:

20 Notes Taken:

  • 1. I can survive financially & materialistically on WAY less than I thought was ever possible.
  • 2. Following my  interests is  more fulfilling than following what I think I should be doing.
  • 3. Patience isn't a virtue you either have or don't -- it's a muscle to be exercised and it grows with every deep breath you take.
  • 4. Home-cooked meals with friends & loved ones are better than restaurants.
  • 5. What I do doesn't define who I am.
  • 6. Listen to your gut instincts about people -- when something feels off, trust it.
  • 7. My favorite time of day is still 9-10am; I get my best work done then.
  • 8. Sleep needs to be earned. A wasted day = a wasted good nights sleep to look forward to.
  • 9. Misery loves company. It's okay to share in experiences, but don't allow yourself to become jaded with victim-minded people.
  • 10. I really can do what I love and not feel shy/foolish about it.
  • 11. My life is unscripted and the opportunities I choose to take are what actually writes my life's story.
  • 12.  I value process over product. Endpoints come & go, but what matters is how you go about developing & challenging yourself.
  • 13. I'm loved unconditionally even when I feel unlovable. I love way better when my body, mind & spirit are aligned & feeling good.
  • 14. Tell people what you're interested and passionate about -- inspired minds & hearts have a way of finding each other.
  • 15. The more I try, the more I fall and the more I fall, the more resilient I become.
  • 16. The easiest thing to do is blame someone else for your problems. Own up to taking responsibility for the quality of how you live your life.
  • 17. What I loved as a kid, I still love today. I made the mistake in thinking that adult Rachel had to leave all that behind.
  • 18. When you start to doubt yourself, talk back to that voice-- it's a coward and it backs down real fast the more you call it out.
  • 19. I finally get the line: "Your pain is the breaking that encloses your understanding." - Kahlil Gibran, from "The Prophet"
  • 20. Trusting and accepting oneself is life-long journey, but I'm happy to say that I love who I am and who I am becoming.