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Oh, that fancy cheese!

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Oh, that fancy cheese!

Rachel Estapa


Let's start this party off with today's yummies! I have found the key to keeping my budget AND my dietary choices in loving harmony is to think about my days meals in advance. It really doesn't sound as intense as some people make it out to be. I spend about 10-15 mins the night before pondering what I have in the fridge that I can make into something lovely the next day. I've also become aware that my normal food habit is very close to something called "Clean Eating" which really means you eat food that is fresh from the source. I just called this "eating what I like most" but I guess there's a huge following -- who knew!



  • Mini-baked eggs with added sweet red peppers & feta cheese (get the recipe here!)
  • Fresh berries from Whole Foods
  • Cranberry-Orange wheat bread from this place near me called When Pigs Fly
  • A serving of some FANCY-PANTS CHEESE I got from Whole Foods (it tastes kinda like pecorino, but milder)


  • Mixed greens salad with 1/2 ripe avocado tossed in there
  • A bit of Israeli Couscous with some cranberries & walnuts for good measure
  • Another little bit of that fancy-pants cheese!
  • 1/2 an orange after

----> Went for a 30 min jog when I got home, right before the heavens opened up with rain! Whew!


  • Stopped at the local butcher & picked up chicken quarters for roasting & added slivers of lemon while they baked away
  • Roasted potatoes  because every Irish girl needs them to be happy
  • Side salad -- no big whoop

So there ya have it -- nothing too elaborate but certainly yummy and very filling. SEE healthy curves are possible! :)