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Recognition is empowering :)

Rachel Estapa

I had a great experience this afternoon. I was interviewed by career coach Jillian Davis, who was interested learning about how I got into personal development coaching and what tips, suggestions and perspectives I could offer to those thinking about entering the coaching world. We chatted about my professional background, my Undercurrent Coaching practice and what motivates me to keep trying and putting myself out there. I was really humbled to have been asked because there are so many coaches out there, but I guess there's something about this one that caught her eye. :) I think the lesson in this is to stick with what you're passionate about -- be that a career calling, a lifestyle or anything that makes you feel encouraged and fulfilled. I became a coach because I face head-on my interpersonal challenges, and through that process, it has made me a stronger, more accomplished & determined person. It's great to be recognized for believing in what I put my time and effort in, and even more rewarding to know it'll help others become more confident in who they are.

The interview is available here and on my Undercurrent Coaching facebook page.

What was a proud moment you experienced when someone took the time to recognize something you're doing well? I'd love to hear it!