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My #1 secret to plus-size running

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My #1 secret to plus-size running

Rachel Estapa


FitnessMyth: big girls can't run. A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about the myth of being "too fat to be fit" and just wanted to share something that I've personally done to help me become more active with a running routine.


Seriously, it took like SIX years to figure this one out -- because I thought I was a total loser if I didn't run at least 5+ miles an hour. I had this weird rule in my head that I MUST complete a 5k in under 30 mins! HUH?! So I would push myself way too much, get hurt, get the side cramps, get discouraged, and think "man this sucks!" so I'd quit running completely for a month, then take it up again only to repeat the same cycle. BOO.

Then one day last fall I said "I'll just jog lightly..." and you know what happened? 30 mins later I was still going & loving every step of it. People passing me? Good for them! Increased stamina, strength and a smile on my face? Good for me!