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The reason why your New Year's resolutions don't stick

Rachel Estapa

2012 has been getting hype for what...nearly six years now? Whether you're into that whole "Mayan End of Days" thing or of the conviction that 2012 will usher in some huge awakening for's safe to say we're all putting a lot of pressure on this upcoming year.

Maybe it's the freshness, the newness, the unlimited possibility of new beginnings and a clean slate to build upon -- but somewhere around late February, the year's new shine starts to fade, old habits resurface and thoughts of well there is always next year trickle in. Pressure and expectations of greatness typically lead to one thing -- a major letdown.

It doesn't have to be that way, you know...

When I was in my earlier 20's, I used to think often in "if only" terms. Example...if only I could lose 20lbs, then I'd fit into the sexier outfit & get myself a great guy! Errrr. Another good one was...Once I get a master's degree, then I can start thinking about being a life coach. Bah!

So, with all these conditions, all these boundaries [calendar dates included] we put around ourselves -- how do they really support the end goal for us? They don't -- they only make us feel pressure and upset if we don't live up to them.

Reaching goals takes far more than just a wish, a prayer, setting a due-date then going back to life on autopilot. Accomplishing a goal comes down to how well you stick to it during the inevitable periods of when you just want to give up and stop believing in yourself and the outcome.

Ask anyone who achieves a goal they set out to do --they will tell you that the trick is to keep going despite being imperfect. The "perfect" you isn't out there somewhere to just bump into one day -- what you do today makes who you are tomorrow. 

Jan 1 or June 9 -- what's really the difference? What magical powers are present on the first of the year that aren't still available somewhere in mid-August? Think about it....if you want to change something, the only time that matters is the one you're in now. And it's that type of thinking that builds momentum around a change and actually gets you results.

THIS moment carries with you always. Jan 1? -- it's done and gone in 24hrs. Let the symbolism of the New Year remind you that at ANY time a new start is available.

Wishing you a goal-reaching year ahead,