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'Tis the Season..

Rachel Estapa

This is a short post, but to the point. Today I went Christmas caroling to senior homes around my city -- to places where tens of elderly pass their days away, and for the most part, reminisce of their youth that was filled with friends, their own home and a family to greet them each day. Senior homes are a paradox: full of aging people who deal daily with the inevitable limitations of growing old; but yet, have a mixture of child-like wonder, generosity and sincere appreciation that someone came to visit. I've been blessed with the gift of vocal talent; and in the past few years, have squandered it -- appeasing it only with comments from time-to-time how "I miss singing" and getting all smiley (and sometimes, critical)  when I hear a song I used to love to perform. Today, while singing at the old folks home, I couldn't help but be amazed that the Christmas songs were so well-known to them too -- I had learned them as a child, as I assume they did too. For some, it must have brought back that youthful joy of Christmas; the gatherings, the good cheer, the atmosphere that enables you to transcend whatever problems might be occurring in life. How silly it was for me to waste my ability to bring people smiles and ignite the memories that are imprinted within us all of being young and excited for our special holiday, whatever that may be. But above all that, it was their appreciation that we took the time to visit, to share and even for one hour, make them feel engaged and active again -- something that music is the master of. How can we do things that bring true joy to other people (and ourselves), even on the smallest of scales? It might be as simple as offering to help to someone, making the effort to smile and say Hi, or just remembering that gifts aren't the objectives of this time of year -- it's taking a much-needed break to return to the ones we love.  So, this holiday season, take the time to just share and reminisce, and re-live that great sense of wonder and excitement this season seems to bring out in us all. We all certainly need it after this year!