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{VIDEO} How to become a plus-size runner in 3 steps

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{VIDEO} How to become a plus-size runner in 3 steps

Rachel Estapa


RunningI'm lovin' this video thing! I'm all about breaking down the roadblocks that many plus-size women put up for themselves as to why they cannot do a certain something. And one that I hear time and time again is "I really want to run but I'm too big to run" and I just wanna say NOT TRUE!!

You may be bigger than some runners out there, but that doesn't mean you're not capable of doing it AND enjoying it!

So in this video I break down an intro to plus-size running into three steps, tailored to those who want to become runners. It's time to stop letting your size dictate what activities you can/cannot do. {CLICK HERE TO TWEET IT OUT!}

Are YOU a curvy-runner? How did you get into it? What advice do you have for other women curious about starting some form of routine?