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Yes, big girls can do intense workouts!

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Yes, big girls can do intense workouts!

Rachel Estapa


Bootcampbound On Sunday, May 19, I attended the Wellness By The Water Retreat, a day-long fitness & wellness urban-escape hosted by two inspiring wellness coaches in the Boston area. We got our sweat on, our health on, our nutrition on, and our fun on.

The day was split up between a sampling of various exercise genres and wellness services. We did boot camp, Pure Barre, Pilates, tai-chi, and yoga. I tried acupuncture & reiki and even this funky green-juice that I’ll never try again : )

It was an excellent way to explore various exercises and wellness practices, but most important, it always feels great to treat yourself kindly in the health/wellness area.

No surprise, I was the largest girl at the retreat but not for one moment did I feel “left out” – not by the people, not by the activities, not by anything. I belonged there as much as the next woman because I value how fitness & wellness enhances the quality of my life.

But I want talk about something I didn’t expect – how my body was totally capable and able to do intense workouts. I felt muscles being charged up that I didn’t even know I had, and was endlessly impressed that I was keeping up, rocking the squats, doing push-ups --- all with a smile on my face.

Sure, I was so sore that I booked myself a massage two days later, but that physical feeling of vitality is amazing and refreshing. Fitness is part physical ability, but more mental integrity.

I think many women of size believe their body is just too big to try a boot camp class or experiment with yoga. Well, lemme tell you – that’s not only bad for your thinking, it’s bad to deprive your body of feeling so powerful and strong, no matter your size.

I thought I would HATE a boot camp type class, but now I’m researching ones in my area because it offered something unique – the experience to feel strong, powerful, graceful and happy that my body, this body, keeps amazing the hell outta me.

<3 Rachel