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Are strangers making fun of you behind your back?

Rachel Estapa

behind your backCheck out this photo series of a woman capturing as she explains "strangers making fun of her behind her back due to her size."  Woman Photographs Herself Receiving Strange Looks in Public My thoughts on this ---> From personal experience, if you want to believe the worst of what people are thinking of you, guess what -- you'll find endless proof of it around you. (Tweet this quote out!)

It's a no brainer that people stare or make judgments about overweight people in public, but guess what? People stare and make judgments about EVERYONE else too. It's a fact of human nature but all judgments are issues within own selves we're not fully dealing with.

I used to feel PARANOID in public because if someone laughed behind me I'd automatically assume they were laughing at me. The world then becomes a hostile & insecure place if you see it this way.

But then I realized that it was my own insecurity about my looks that I was projecting on everyone around me. Was I that self-involved to think that people on the street would give a damn about what I looked like? And let's be honest -- had I never done the same if I saw someone in what I thought was a crazy outfit?

Just today while walking to work, I spent half the time looking at all the outfits of people around me, thinking some looked great, others not -- and then I slipped, tripped and fell flat on the ground. I wasn't even embarrassed because I knew exactly why I fell -- to teach me a lesson that while I was too busy judging everyone else, I should have been minding my own steps.

I like the photo series because it reminds me that I have a lot of power when it comes to what type of world I want to live in. If people wanna stare and judge, that's their karma -- my karma taught me too, and I have the scuffed palms to prove it.

---> What do YOU think about this? How do you handle feeling like all eyes are on you? Would love to hear how you feel about this one.