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Boston is my home

Rachel Estapa

Boston in my homeMarathon Monday in Boston is the one the most vibrant, alive & cheerful days here in the city I grew up in. Well, you've seen the news by now and we're all in shock at what occurred at our beloved Finish Line. I asked my fiance last night "Is this our new normal now?" and he replied "No, because we wont let it be." Boston isn't just my home, it's the home of our country's beginnings,  home of the most prestigious universities & hospitals, home of sports champions, home of American leaders, home of the working man, home of the innovator, and the newly adopted home of countless people originating all over the world.

Monday wasn't just hurtful to Boston - around the world people are sad that something so joyous could end in tragedy. Between the blizzards and hurricanes we now have one more disaster to weather through all together -- but if it's one thing us Bostonian's are known for, it's our toughness.

Community & family is one and the same here in Boston and our Marathon community has always been the whole world.

Prayers, hugs and love make something so sad at least feel a little less-so. But it's OK to be sad because the city and people I love are sad today too.