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Join my month-long online course and learn how to love your body!

crack the code to lasting body confidence and enjoy the life you desire

Before I devoted my life to learning and teaching body acceptance, I let shame around weight stop me from practically everything. 

If you feel like shame around your weight is holding your confidence hostage, know you're not alone and that I am here for you.

I've developed the Body Confidence Code, a four-week virtual course to help you increase satisfaction in your body today so you can live the life you really want. By shifting the focus off weight and into greater happiness with the whole of you, you'll quickly experience positive ripple effects in other essential life areas like career, relationships, financial, spiritual and ones unique to your personal needs.

My body confidence code gives you a plan of action that will accelerate your self-love to help you

  • Develop a deep and lasting appreciation for your body
  • Squash nagging negative thoughts and beliefs
  • Untether the connection of weight and personal worth
  • Powerfully assert your boundaries and gain respect
  • Reclaim a sense of command in the direction of your life
  • Experience freedom from body-shame and guilt
  • Visualize and attract new opportunities
  • Discover enjoyable ways to move and express your body
  • Increase intimacy in personal relationships
  • Embrace your dress size & natural body
  • Mindfully prioritize your self-care
  • Reclaim your authentic self
  • Transform your awareness of what you really need
  • Trust the process as you quickly experience changes
I would describe the changes in a single word...metamorphosis. I experienced change in every area of my body image and self talk during the class. I’m still me...but a brighter, happier, more confident me.
— Dory S.,

Each week breaks down the Body Confidence Code into easy to follow lessons and activities you'll work on and share with others in class. Below is the time frame and theme of each week. 

Week 1: fundementals of confidence
Learn and practice essential habits that will set you up for amazing body confidence

Week 2: Break Your old code
Dismantle expired beliefs holding you back and learn how to remove negative self-talk effectively

Week 3: Re-write your own code
Create powerful new rules to support your body confidence long-term

WEEK 4: Live Your Confidence code
Develop & experience your newfound confidence in your daily life

My body confidence code will change your whole life too

When you join, you will be guided through powerful lessons designed to help you be more positive towards your body. You will learn ways to end nasty thoughts, appreciate your natural beauty, feel saner around food, and become motivated to stick with healthy habits that feel good to you.

When you focus on listening and trusting your body, you no longer feel pressure to be a certain size. You will learn how to access your inner voice to help you feel more confident as you apply my easy-to-follow lessons to increase overall happiness with your body and self.

The Body Confidence Code e-course is creative, reflective, personal, collaborative, and transformational. As a student, youll get direct access to the best tools and resources available on body confidence and a safe space to share and practice it, risk free.

Each week you receive:

  • 3 weekly transformational body-confidence building activities
  • 2 bonus activities to take your growth to the next level
  • 1 embodied learning activity to seal in all in (example: guided audio relaxations, yoga/meditation, powerful journaling prompts)
  • an exclusive audio recording + planning email tailored to the weeks theme
  • Unlimited  email support from me
  • Unlimited love & support from peers in the class with you

On top of all that, you'll have EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to

  • Members-only portal containing the complete month-long training forever
  • introduction recorded audio to help you set up for amazing success during the course
  • a private and secure online community via Facebook, ensured to make you feel comfortable and safe.
  • trusted guidance from a professionally trained and certified life coach and body confidence expert

You're also GUARANTEED

  • one-of-a-kind direct feedback and support on your personal progress
  • a program priced to make learning to love your body affordable without compromising quality and results
  • 100% refund if you dont love the first week of the course
  • the satisfaction of being a member of  what the Boston Globe has named“One of the Best New Ideas of 2015” for body acceptance.
  • an invitation to join a private More to Love community online, free of charg

Your Body confidence Code Community will help you become more to love!

Another incredible benefit of joining the Body Confidence Method e-course is the group of women also taking it with you. As you share and reflect upon each of your lessons and leanings within the private and secure Facebook group, your peers will also encourage and support you. This course is both personal and community-focused, and it’s a combination that, time and time again, becomes one of the highlights of the experience.

Meet your teacher, Rachel Estapa
founder, More to Love

I spent well over half my life believing weight loss was the key to my happiness, but no matter how hard I tried, it never stuck. My life changed the day I chose to quit dieting to focus on loving, accepting and caring for the body I DO have. 

And everything changed. 

Today, I am regarded as an expert on body confidence and have helped thousands of women discover simple and practice ways to increase self-love without compromising a commitment to sustainable health and wellness.

The goal of the Body Confidence Code e-course is to show you how to increase body confidence today while supporting your health and happiness long-term. There is no other program out there that provides this level of thought, care, and support which promises incredible transformations quickly and affordably.

As a professional trained life coach and yoga instructor, I breakthrough tools, resources and approaches to body acceptance that change lives. I blend together my extensive credentialed training with my  personal experience overcoming body shame, to give you an premium program that I guarantee will help you feel more confident quickly.

Total Cost US$97.00

If you still have questions, please read the FAQ. You can also email me directly, and I'll get back to you ASAP.