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Learn to love your body

feel happier & healthier with body-confidence expert, Rachel Estapa

What is More To Love Class? MTLClass is a month-long online course to teach women like you how to love their body and make health and happiness work for your unique life. MTLClass women value personal growth and desire freedom from negative body image.

Students of the More To Love Class receive daily easy-to-follow activities comprised of exercises and assignments designed to teach an aspect of body confidence. Each student shares their work in a private and secure online social network, and receives encouragement and feedback from peers and from the instructor, Rachel Estapa. Rachel is a trained, certified, and fully accredited life coach whose writing and work on body acceptance has been featured in print and online publications worldwide. 

Enrollment is now open! 
Class begins Thursday, April 9, 2015.

loving your  body is easy with the right tools & support

How much time and money have you spent over the years trying to change your body?

Between health-kicks, clothing trends, gym memberships, weight-loss programs, personal products, diet gimmicks, and more, youve likely spent thousands of dollars and wasted hours trying to be one thing: happy with yourself.

Its a daunting figure, not only for your wallet, but for your piece of mind.

When I tallied up all the money I spent on weight-loss programs, wasted gym memberships, and must-read diet books, I spent an alarming $7,000 in just 5 years on trying to be happy. That is over 1K a year thrown out the window!

And more shocking . . . none of it worked for very long. I was burned out. I regained the weight. I stop going to the gym. I never finished the diet book. Not only was I broke, I felt unhappier than when I started. 

The truth is, the diet and weight-loss industry is profiting off your misery. But I know you’re catching on to the scheme . . .

I have always struggled with my body image and have never felt that I was quite good enough, pretty enough, or anything else enough.
— Tami E., former student

For decades, weve been sold unrealistic dreams through media and companies driven by telling women they are ugly and to sell you their version of beautiful. Youre not at fault—the diet-driven industry is—but times they are achanging. 

More and more women are ditching diets and choosing instead to love and appreciate their body today, irregardless of size. They are throwing out the scale, turning up the confidence, and are celebrating life. In doing so, they are saving time, money, and energy, and are reclaiming life. Women are discovering there is a way to balance health, happiness, and love for their body, and in doing so, are changing not only their lives, but the world too. 

Empowering, right? Great! Go, girl! OK . . . but what does that do for you? 

Perhaps youve heard of body acceptance and see some incredible women leading the march like model Tess Holiday or personal friend of mine, Whitney Thore, from TLCs My Big Fat Fabulous Life all rocking their figures and lives.

And you wonder, “How’d they do it? What’s allowing them to see their bodies differently? What’s the secret to liberating myself from weight and worry?

Thats what the More To Love Class does—I teach you how to love your body and make health and happiness work for size you. 

There is an amazing relief in personally finding the balance between health and happiness, and learning to love your body right now is the only place to start. It’s my story, and it’s now the story of hundreds of students of the More To Love Class.

More To Love Class will work for youR unique Body and life

When you join the More To Love Class, you will be guided through daily activities designed to help you be more positive towards your body. You will learn ways to end nasty thoughts, appreciate your natural beauty, feel saner around food, and become motivated to stick with healthy habits that feel good to you.

When you focus on listening and trusting your body, you no longer feel pressure to be a certain size. You will learn how to access your inner voice to help you feel more confident as you apply my easy-to-follow exercises to increase overall happiness with your body and self.

More To Love Class is creative, reflective, personal, collaborative, and transformational. As a student, youll get direct access to the best tools and resources available on body confidence and a safe space to share and practice it, risk free.

When you become part of the More To Love Class, you’ll receivE

  • access to my month-long training to help you love your body faster and easier than ever before.
  • an invitation to a live (and recorded) welcome call launching the class, including a special intro to the first activity.
  • 28 inspiring and powerful exercises on how to increase body confidence, delivered to you daily.
  • a weekly email announcing upcoming activities to help you plan and prepare.
  • a private and secure online community via Facebook, ensured to make you feel comfortable and safe.
  • trusted guidance from a professionally trained and certified life coach

You're also GUARANTEED

  • one-of-a-kind personal support and feedback on your progress.
  • 24/7 online access to a devoted course portal available to you when and wherever you need it, even after the course concludes.
  • a program priced to make learning to love your body affordable without compromising quality and results.
  • 100% refund if you dont love the course.
  • the satisfaction of being a member of  what the Boston Globe has named  “One of the Best New Ideas of 2015” for body acceptance.
  • a chance to continue your progress by becoming a member of the More To Love Class Community, free of charge

The More To Love Class is a highly-recommended course designed to increase body confidence today while supporting your health and happiness long-term. As your teacher, I respond to every single post you share, giving you honest feedback and suggestions on how to apply the daily activities to your life. There is no other program out there that provides this level of one-on-one support and incredible transformations quickly and affordably.

Your More To Love Class Community

Another incredible benefit of joining the More To Love Class is the group of women also taking it with you. As you share and reflect upon each of your daily activities within the private and secure Facebook group, your peers will also encourage and support you. The More To Love Class is both personal and community-focused, and it’s a combination that, time and time again, becomes one of the highlights of the experience.

What former MLClass students have to say . . .

students of the More To Love Class say the course helped them

  • take pressure off weight by learning how to make health and happiness work for their unique body.
  • put a stop to negative thoughts and increased the positive ones.
  • have more fun with fashion and makeup.
  • feel more authentic and confident in their professional lives.
  • increase intimacy in relationships to feel more loved and connected.
  • experience relief from the stress of dieting and shame.
  • open up more through the supportive community of women taking the course along with them.

And many, many more!

Limited to 5 students

For the first time, I am offering private coaching sessions with me as an upgrade when you register for the More To Love Class. During our call, you will get personalized coaching for your needs exclusively. This is a wonderful opportunity to dive deeper into any of the MTLClass areas, such as body image, relationship to food, health and wellness, or personal growth. 

When you become an MTLClass Plus member, you’ll have:

  • a one-hour confidential phone call with an expert coach, tailored to your needs.
  • the option to record our call for future listening.
  • quick and easy scheduling and 24-hour email reply—promise.
  • simple 1-click registration securing both MTLClass and MTLClass Plus
  • savings of over $100 in private coaching costs, as this offer is exclusive to MTLClass students.

The total investment for MTLClass Plus is US$139.00. This includes both registration for MTLClass AND your private session.

Register ONLY for the More To Love Class

Continue on to register for the More To Love Class and start learning to love your body. 
The total cost of the More To Love class is US$49.00. 

Still have questions? This More To Love Class Q&A will help. You can also email me directly, and I'll get back to you ASAP.