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Day 23: The Goddess

DAY 23: The goddess

Deep down, inside of you, there is a woman who is empowered, confident, courageous, gorgeous and deeply powerful. She embodies the goddess characteristics...your truest values and dreams. Today, you ARE this woman! 

You will explore and embody the"Goddess" which lives within you. You can express this powerful activity however you like. This is meant to be a light-hearted activity, one to encourage playfulness and inner confidence, allowing it to lead your interactions with the world. 

You can approach being your Goddess in two ways: the physical or the behavioral (or both!). Physical might be spending some time on your appearance and making the effort to show off your natural features more. Hair, makeup, clothing, jewelry, shoes—these do not define our sexiness on their own but are markers to signal, “Hey, I think you’d like to notice me ’cause I’m rockin’ what I like!” Behavior-wise, it would be flirting, being more compassionate, expressing sassiness, or sharing the strength of your intelligence.

Or you can take a page from my own playbook—do your hair and makeup, and play dress-up in your room, dancing around to your favorite music. Who says this is only for kids? This practice has been in my life since I was an early teenager, and it makes me feel so sexy to spend an evening playing this way, reconnecting with myself, my body, and beauty. 

This is also where I invite you to begin the powerful practice of self-portraits for self-love. So if you've been shy of sharing images in the course, let this activity be your magnificent entry!