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Guest Blogging Requirements

Thanks for your interest in being a guest blogger on my website, More To Love.

This page will outline what you should consider and do for a guest blog to be published as part of the "My Curvy Life" series and shared through my social channels.

"My Curvy Life" is first-person stories from curvy women sharing their experiences, insights and opinions on topics that matter to the greater plus-size community.

Requirements: In order to be considered to share your work on my site, you first must actively be engaged in the online communities I foster and manage. To put it bluntly -- I should know you on some level! This can be done through being a private client of mine, through Facebook, Twitter or email subscription. I want to work with those who are committed to expanding the core message of body empowerment, plus-size acceptance and self-love across various networks as well as engaged within my own.

Topics: Topics can include your personal story regarding your body or more focused articles on body-acceptance, plus-size issues, plus-size fashion, weight/body-image, relationships, health or self-love. All posts should be written through the lens of positive, enlightened and pro-active. Since my blog focuses on helping women love and accept their bodies as is, I will not share stories that focus too heavily on weight loss/fitness in a "since I lost the weight I'm a better person for it" kinda way.

Your content must be an original piece (not available on any other site, including your own unless otherwise noted), be between 500-700 words and final-version ready (I’m not an editor!) and not use derogatory remarks towards anyone's body, sex, gender, race, creed, ect ect. I'm all for a well-placed swear word, but please keep it to a minimum. Please also include an image to put with the post, your head shot (if you have one), a short bio (2-3 lines max) as well as any social links you’d like to include. If your article is approved, I will reply and let you know the date it will go live as well as a confirmation email once it’s live and a link for you to share it.

Post-Publishing: From my side: If your post is approved it will be live on my website, posted to my Facebook page and Twitter, tagging whatever social links you provide. Your Side: Go out and share it! I just ask that you tag my site/page/Twitter handle responsibly.

Questions or to submit your topic ideas/post, please email me and I will return your email within 48 hours.