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Day 28: I AM

DAY 28: I AM

You did it! YAY!

I hope you keep this activity close to your heart and life for a long time to come. 

Pain arises when we live too much in the realm of have and have-not. When we think about all the things we do not have, we get stressed out. When we think about all the things we have, we think, “Gotta keep up!” Having and wanting are all things outside us that we desire, hoping it’ll give us value and worth.

So many insecurities around our body comes from this idea too—living with a body you don’t want, craving another, and not settling and resting into the body you do have.

But there is a less-practiced art of confidence that is based in acknowledging and stating what you are, right now. And what you are is active, it’s alive, it’s in the moment. You are here doing something marvelous with the space you’re allotted, so why not be content with it, even for a moment?

This is the power that comes from the statement “I AM.” It’s perhaps the core of all human consciousness and declaration of aliveness. When you state “I AM,” you’re not concerned with what you have and do not have. You are here, in the moment, fully aware of all within you.


Complete the statement "I am....." with words that speak to you, hit your core, take the pain away, and elevate to you our truth! To add more power to this activity, be brave and write these words on a part of your body - perhaps even the space you've been sending love to the most. 

You could write on your hand “I AM LOVE” or “I AM HONEST.” If it’s on a body part, you can write on your chest “I AM DIVINE.” Whatever words speak to you most, do that! Post it up in the group . . . make this photo count! <3 

For some inspiration, here are I AM activities from former course members who agreed to let their image be shared.