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Day 24: A Love Letter


You deserve to tell yourself and your body just how much you do appreciate it, even on the bad days. Craft a special note just for yourself, a memento of love that you can look back upon when you have rough days. 

Today, write yourself a personal love-letter, a statement of commitment to always be there for yourself. Make a graphic, write a physical letter, do it as a blog post, poem, or video even. Share it with the group but also keep someplace you can read it easily in the future. 

To help get you going, here are some intro lines to help you: 

  • Dear Body, despite what I may have said in the past about you, today I want to spend time and actually give you credit for all you’ve done. 
  • Hi, X, it’s your wiser, more loving self writing now, and here’s what I wanna tell you that no one else ever seemed to be able to say: _____. 
  • X, I want to make a list of all the thank-yous to which you’re long overdue on . . . 
  • X of the future, I want you to one day return to these words because this is the starting point of something big in our life—the time when I choose to love, not hate, my body and self; and right now, this is what I can lovingly say so you can lovingly be it: _____. 
  • Dear X of my past, I wanted to write to you because now that I’m older and wiser, I have learned many things about self-love and myself . . . and I think you’d enjoy hearing them to help you through those tough times—and to thank you.

For me, the of the best practices I actively do with body acceptance is to write to my future self for when inevitable bumps come along. I have reread my love letters many times, and it’s nice to prepare and have something kind and loving available when I need it most. The process of writing a letter is very emotional and cathartic; let it be what needs to be written in the moment, and don’t overthink or try to feel something you do not. Be honest, raw—be yourself.