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Day 11: Mending What's Broken


A key moment when practicing self-love and acceptance is moving away from the idea and belief that you have “ugly parts.” Everyone has areas of their body they wish were a different way, but it’s also not a helpful or necessary perspective to take on the whole self and body. The MTLCourse is about learning to love all of you, and that includes the “trouble spots.” 


You will recognize and thank what this part of your body does and makes possible for you, and by creating a poster, share your new-found respect with the group. You can also make a promise to learn to love that body part too - approach today wherever you current are. 

You can cultivate a deeper appreciation for your body part in two ways: a guided mindful meditation on the body or with a loving touch. If you choose the mindful meditation, here is a good one to guide you through a full-body scan practice. For loving touch, spend some time caressing and feeling what part you’ve chosen, and bring to mind a feeling of compassion and love. Allow your part to speak back to you, telling you how it feels. It’s a process, so whatever emotions or thoughts arise, those are perfectly natural to feel.

To help, I’ll share with you a practice I do with my trouble spot—my stomach. I used to hide it, cover it up, groan when I would see it pop over my buttoned pants. It felt like the manifestation of what was terrible about me, and I thought everyone noticed my stomach too and judged me for it. I grew so tired of the war on my stomach, and I didn’t want to continue feeling essentially removed from my core. I spent time rubbing it, staring at it in the mirror, touching it, and also rethinking how I felt about it. My husband loves rubbing my stomach; it’s very soft, and he says, “Belly, belly! I love that belly!” nearly every time he does so. When I laugh, it wiggles and that means it’s happy too. It’s strong, which allows me to practice yoga with more vitality.

Whenever I begin to feel self-conscious about my stomach, I remind myself, “My belly is my center and is present with all the things I love most.”

I’m excited to see what you send love to within you. <3