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Guidelines for MTL Community

Guidelines for the More To Love Community

More to Love (MTL) Community is a virtual space for those  participating in a More to Love offering, either online or in-person.

The purpose of More to Love Community is to support and encourage both the individual practice of self-love through body acceptance and the well-being of others within the community.

More to Love’s main goal is to help individuals discover ways to adopt body acceptance while honoring individual choices regarding health and happiness.

As the leader of MTL Community, I value the varied experiences that have brought you together, so I ask you please respect others in this way too. But we all need some clarity, so here are guidelines each member of MTL Community upholds: 

  • Positive—Keep body acceptance fun! Share posts, pictures, and personal moments that make you happy and proud.
  • Honesty—MTL defines body acceptance as being honest. Sometimes that means venting and being angry, and here, that is fine; just be clear what type of support you’re looking for.
  • Empathy—You are here to share your story and listen without judging others. Be nurturing and kind to each others; listen and resist the urge to give advice (unless the poster directly asks).
  • Respect—While you may not agree with everything, respect others choices and their right to share and be heard. You always have the choice to remain silent on topics you don’t personally like. If you feel like you need to chime in but are torn, ask yourself, “Who does my response serve?” If the answer is your own ego, best to wait a little before responding.

About weight-loss talk

I have reflected and know how important settling this issue is for you all. The topic of weight and body acceptance are often very intertwined, especially concerning legitimate health reasons, which is why the topic is not banned outright, but marked with the words TREAD LIGHTLY” - except if you are participating in a program that explicitly bans weight-loss talk such as More to Love Course and  WELL by MTL.

In my original vision, MTL Community was not designed to talk directly about weight-loss methods (i.e., programs, plans, and behaviors done for the explicit goal of weight loss) and with a broad-stroke, MTL follows main principles of Health At Every Size. But as a community, you’ve voiced that you’d like the opportunity to discuss weight when relevant to your expression. I respect that, and with some balance, we can make it work.

I do ask those who want to talk about it, please proceed with sensitivity, as the main point of MTL is to foster personal growth from a weight-neutral approach. I trust your best judgment.  

For those who do not want to hear about weight loss, you have the right to hide/remove content in your FB feed that doesn’t serve you, and that goes for everyone, not just weight-loss talk.

That said, other than one or two posts out of thousands, I’ve not seen this be a problem, so keep up the great work here!  These guidelines are not meant to be set in stone; they are living, and as MTLCommunity grows more, they will likely evolve. 

More To Lovingly Yours,


Last updated: 10/06/2017

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Created: 3/12/2015