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1 Year Later and Everything Has Changed


More To Love teaches plus size women how to learn body-acceptance and end dieting for good. 

1 Year Later and Everything Has Changed

Rachel Estapa

One year ago, I was apprehensive about whether I made the right decision as I packed my bags, left work and my family for 6 weeks. One year ago, I embarked upon a life changing adventure while living at Kripalu, a renowned yoga center, to study yoga and wellness with some of the world’s best practitioners.
Like a run-away train, my mind flooded with doubts.
Will my body keep up? What if I hurt my hip again? What will it be like to be the biggest person there? Do I really even LIKE yoga this much to do it 10 hours every single day? Can I confidently teach it to other people? Who will even come?!
Doubt has the power to destroy the spark of goodness if you don’t recognize the counter-voice – your own heart. And thankfully, because of years of learning to listen to and trust myself, I was able to hear my deeper voice:
Of course I can do this! When I follow my heart, I always appreciate the experience. My body is STRONG! I LOVE yoga, it makes me happy! I belong to anything that feels like a passion. And other people will be so thankful that someone like them is doing yoga and teaching it. 
My training flew by in the blink of an eye. Beyond my body, beyond the skill of yoga, I learned something much richer – when I follow my heart, I am truly myself.
Inspired by my story, Kripalu asked me to write about my journey through yoga and my own body-image.
And one year later, you are here with me. You have found More to Love and believe it to be valuable for your own well-being. That is no small thing to listen to and trust in your own growth and happiness. Self-care is a wonderful thing…just a little bit of attention and intention has the power to totally change your world.