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More To Love teaches plus size women how to learn body-acceptance and end dieting for good. 

10 Reasons Why You Need To Learn Body-Acceptance

Rachel Estapa


Here are the top reasons why it's time you learned body-acceptance

  1. You want to stop being your own worst critic of your body, and for once, LIKE who you see in the mirror
  2. You've tried (and likely failed) many diets, and want to end feeling frustrated, discouraged and exhausted
  3. There are younger women (and men!) in your life who you want to be positive body-image role model to
  4. You're tired of hiding yourself, fearful of what others might think/say about your body, but more recently, you feel an urge to break free from living closed off from what you'd love to do
  5. Health is a very high value of yours, but you wonder how you can be healthier without dieting 
  6. You want to be valued for the person inside and spirit you really are, irregardless of your body-type
  7. You're ready to let go from allowing your weight and body-shape to define your worth
  8. You see other large women rocking and loving their fuller bodies and wonder “How did she become so confident?”
  9. You think it would be really fun to try a new activity, wear a fashionable outfit , but you keep letting your weight stop you from going for it
  10. You want to really FEEL sexy and beautiful, and have that reflected in the ways others treat you too


You deserve to look into the mirror and honestly say “I love you, gorgeous!” 

If any of these sound like you, you're in good company here. More To Love is a community for you to learn how to love your body and be supported while doing so. 

And how DO you learn body-acceptance? I created the More To Love Class to teach plus-size women what it takes to appreciate and love their bodies while also providing the support, non-judgmental and safe place to practice it.