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3 Easy Ways To Get Your Body Ready For Spring


More To Love teaches plus size women how to learn body-acceptance and end dieting for good. 

3 Easy Ways To Get Your Body Ready For Spring

Rachel Estapa

Are you the type to take a cue from nature and see the changing seasons as a great time to refresh your life in some way? Personally, I’m all about leaning on nature’s clock to provide me guidance for how to go about life.

Spring for me means one thing: freshen up! So I thought it would be great to share three simple ideas to help you make the most of the new spring season and feel more beautiful in your body.

#1: Schedule a pamper day
Ok, honest time – my hair is INSANELY long right now. It’s virtually down to my butt and while it’s still lovely, it’s becoming too long to manage. I’ve been putting off a haircut because the weather (100+ inches of snow!) has left me feeling really blah! I scheduled an appointment with my stylist for this week and I’m looking forward to it.

Now, pampering doesn’t have to mean dropping tons of money. Think about ways you can give yourself a little love just from what’s around you at home. Try a bath, play some music, splurge with just $10 at CVS and have a mini-make over. Spend time on yourself for a few hours and enjoy.

#2: Get outside and move
For many, this winter was really harsh and the memory of warmth on your skin feels…distant. Each time it starts to warm up I get excited that I can walk outside along the bike paths again. Being out in the fresh air doesn’t feel like a workout, even though I end up walking WAY more than when I do at the gym.

Make a commitment to spend time outside the first lovely day you have. Maybe get those bike tires filled now or upgrade to new a pair of sneakers. Ask a friend to join you or make it private, just you and the road while you move your body.

#3: Clean it up
I have a tell when I’m stressed: my dresser becomes a nightmare. Clothing, socks, random things I don’t even know what they are, the higher the pile the more stressed inside I feel. UNTIL I purge it away. And when I do, WOW I feel amazing.

Spend an afternoon organizing or changing a physical space that’s been getting on your nerves. There is a link to attitude and environment and for whatever reason, everyone feels pretty great after accomplishing a task like cleaning up. I know I feel more grounded, calm and happier.

You might also take this time to move things around your home. You don’t need to buy new décor, but maybe swap things out. I bet you’ll feel better and surprised by how much neat stuff you already have!

What tips or suggestions do you have on ways to make spring pop alive while feeling good in your body? Share yours below in the comments. 

Make health & happiness work for size you.

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