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More To Love teaches plus size women how to learn body-acceptance and end dieting for good. 

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5 Ways to Super-Charge Your Body Love

Rachel Estapa


I spent years at odds with my body, believing that if I could change how I looked, I’d become a better and happier person. That path led to disappointment, frustration, and of never being good enough. I decided to flip the script and devote my energy to appreciating the body I already had.

I created daily, yet simple, habits and mantras to boost body love and it was transformational. No matter where you are on the path to body acceptance, each of these can make the experience much more rewarding for you.


Do you acknowledge what your body is doing for you right this moment? You’re upright, breathing, able to read, to think, to be alive! Recognize that without doing anything your body is still an incredible source of power and strength.

Say thanks by reminding yourself: My body allows me to experience all the joys of my life.


The stomach is a sensitive part of your body and may carry a lot of shame with it. But how often do you give yourself permission to appreciate your stomach for what it is? Lay your hands on it, feel it rise and fall as you breathe, notice the sensations and warmth as you send it love. This simple act alone is a very powerful one in body acceptance.

Get comfy with your tummy as you touch it, saying: My stomach holds wisdom and I honor it with my loving touch.


Sometimes your body - physically or emotionally- will hurt and that is OK. But try to go more into the sensations of the pain. Is it tightness? Heavy? Ache?  Have a color? Temperature? Mood? When you name something, it helps you become aware of what your body is experiencing and often, can soften the hurt.

Try this the next time you’re feeling something: I have pain and I have the power to comfort it with loving kindness.


Listening to your gut takes practice, but a simple way is to start is recognizing your true thoughts about a situation and give yourself permission to express them. We often suppress our inner voice out of fear of being judged for it. So take it small, pay attention to what your intuition is telling you and give yourself some space to follow it.

When feeling conflicted, reminder yourself: I know what is best for me and I trust in my ability to follow my intuition.


Seems a little redundant, but perhaps the biggest step to learning how to trust yourself is actually believing it’s possible. Mindset when learning to love your body is 90% of it, and giving yourself permission to believe it’s not just possible, but OK to trust yourself, will help make acting that way easier.

Give yourself more credit and repeat this line: I hold an infinite capacity to love and understand my body's wisdom.

VIDEO: Plus size and want to start yoga?

Rachel Estapa

Yoga is all the rave now, and for GREAT reason! If you’re curious about starting a yoga practice, you likely have a lot of questions and concerns (all of them valid).

Here are my personal things I wish I knew in advance of starting a practice as a larger body. I share them not to discourage, but to inform. More to Love is all about helping you get honest and educated for lasting body acceptance.

And for even more support, here is my Beginners Guides to Body Positive Yoga.

What would YOU add to this list? Share in the comments below.

Start your body love journey now!

Post Inauguration-Stress? 3 Ways to Get Back to “Normal” in Under 5 Minutes

Rachel Estapa

Since last Friday, a lot of change has occurred with eyes watching along all sides of the spectrum.

For me, I’ve been feeling the pulse of strong emotions and charged energy surging through my body. Magnify that with news, social media, conversations with friends and family – it’s a lot for our minds and bodies to manage.

Yesterday, I finally recognized “Ok, I’ve gotta regroup or else I'll burn out!” Which to be honest, isn’t something new for me. Or for any of us really. When our immediate attention shifts from our established priories, it’s natural and common to feel “off” – in body, mind, spirit.

I use the word “normal” loosely – nothing about all this is normal which is why so many of us are feeling it – no matter where your affinities lie. But a sense of “normal” puts your priorities, abilities, and capabilities back into balance and that helps you make wiser decisions going forward. A stressed out mind makes lousy choices.

So what can you do to help pull the threads back to the center? Try these 3 simple, but powerful, activities that take under 5 minutes to do.

Set a timer for 2 minutes and just breathe

This is the quickest, easiest, and most effective way to calm yourself down. Not only is breathing a nice break from the world, it helps send a dose of soothing signals through your body. Why 2 minutes? Because that’s all it takes for the relaxing effects to kick in. Repeat as needed. I personally do this 3-5 times a day (usually when I’m riding the train) or when I find myself getting sucked into the black hole of link-clicking.

Make a list of personal activities you enjoy and pick 1 to do in the next 48 hours

This one will be fun. Whenever we think about enjoyable activities, our mindset shifts towards the positive, and this has what’s called an “upward spiral” effect, meaning – enjoyment inspires uplifting behaviors. It re-establishes a sense of “normalcy” for you personally. I’m a trained life coach and I’m all about pairing ideas to action because movement forward helps us get out of our own way.  

To focus, set a timer for 5 minutes. Get really specific – the more detailed, the better. For example, I really enjoy cleaning my make-up brushes; making music playlists for both yoga classes and personal workouts; I love walking around the health/beauty section at Whole Foods, smelling EVERYTHING; I love getting new colorful pens and decorative journals. You see? Even me writing this, I just got a jolt of excitement!  

It may seem small, but little doses of empowerment add up.

Turn the volume down

When things get too loud, turn it down. This can mean a lot of different things – literally or metaphorically.

I know social media is a major one, so take some steps to adjust or reframe your use. If keeping up with news is very important to you, but all means keep doing that, but give some structure to what that means. Unfollow people, pages, groups that are not aligning with what you need right now. You can always adjust settings in the future – and no, turning off is not the same thing as avoiding. This is a version of self-care.

Most things in life are negotiable if you’re clear on your reasons and boundaries. For example, my husband loves to talk about the daily news right when we come home from work, but sometimes I am just not able to give the mental or emotional attention to it and I often say “I know this is really important to you, but right now I’m not able to participate because I just need to recharge myself first. Can we maybe pick it up later?” Yes I do this – a lot – and it works and we call it “decompress time” and it’s the best.

I hope some – maybe all – of these ideas work for you, let me know and please share, take care of each other and when in doubt, JUST BREATHE. 

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Election Worries? My 1-Minute Stress-Busting Activiy

Rachel Estapa

OK, OK, I really didn't want to bring politics into More to Love Yoga, but I know this momentous campaign has many of us experiencing higher levels of stress.

I believe that yoga and life in 2016 can complement each other and that what happens on your yoga mat is really just a short practice for what you can do off your mat - where the real living happens.

I'm sharing with you my stress-busting personal breathing practice that I do daily ... and sometimes multiple times a day! It works for me and I hope it works for you.

Read through the activity first, then take just a minute - set your timer -  to do it, OK? Here we go!

Step 1: Mentally give yourself permission to pause for 1 minute
Step 2: Breathe, notice, repeat!

  • Take a deep breath in - as much air as you can fill and then slowly exhale it out - repeat twice more in this deep way, until you get a rhythm.
  • Now that you have your breaths pace steady, close your eyes
  • And bring your attention right to your chest, shoulders, and the area around your heart
  •  And just focus here - breathe in and out, chest rising falling - heart gently pulsing

Step 3: When you're done, slowly open your eyes and think of a word that comes to mind to express how you now feel - just one word. Say this word again to yourself, feel it in your body.

That's it!

Why is this type of activity important?

Whether you're anxious over the election or about something else in your life, when you take a minute to breathe and focus on your body, your stress level decreases. It's like an automatic switch that helps to lower mental and physical agitation, and that helps you focus more on what's important. 
The next More to Love Yoga Essentials workshop, Your Sensational Body, is on Saturday, November 12 and explores how best to listen to what’s really going inside, allowing you to feel more in command of yourself, not just reacting to whatever is happening.
I'll teach you simple techniques to dip below the "chatter" and through yoga, help you tune-in to what your body is asking for so that you can respond with compassion and care.

Limited spots are available and you can register for this workshop - or the rest of the series - right here.

MTLYoga by Candlelight

Rachel Estapa

How does this sound ... an hour on Friday night where the ONLY thing you need to do is RELAX and UNWIND from the stress of the week (and state of our U.S. election) amid the flicker of candles and chill out music?

Sounds perfect, right? 
Well on Friday, October 14 from 7:00 - 8:15PM, I am holding a special More to Love Yoga Class called Rest & Refresh.

This is a very gentle and soothing class complete with opportunities to use light aromatherapy during an extended relaxation at the end of class.

And yes, I’ve got (electric) candles to help make the space even more calming :) 

There are many benefits of "slow-yoga" ...

It will help calm your stress levels by slowly encouraging your natural relaxation response. For your mind, stillness helps you to think more clearly, be more centered, and feel less scattered.

Did you know that 20 minutes of “yoga napping” is said to be as effective as THREE HOURS of conventional sleep? It's true! And I've been doing this for years. 
So I’d love for you to join me next Friday. Roll out your mat, make yourself comfortable and let the stresses of the week melt away.

Have Tight Shoulders? Try This!

Rachel Estapa

 Hello. I got bangs! 

Hello. I got bangs! 

When humans (or aliens?) of the future view images of mankind from our current era, they will assume we have no necks.

Why???? Because we all HUNCH over computres, TVs, tables...and our shoulders are insanely TIGHT!

Oh and stress. I carry stress in my hips, my jaw, my shoulders, my forehead, my stomach, my legs...yikes, everywhere. But mostly, my shoulders. 

Oh and computers...and iPhones...

 The wild Rachel Estapa in her natural state, shoulder raised and ready to pounce upon a Facebook post or email from CVS informing her not to forget she has EXTRA BUCKS!! 

The wild Rachel Estapa in her natural state, shoulder raised and ready to pounce upon a Facebook post or email from CVS informing her not to forget she has EXTRA BUCKS!! 

While I was in yoga teacher training, the most common feedback I heard was "LOWER YOUR SHOULDERS" and I was like "BUT I AM!" 

Even when I'd sleep, I was in a ready state of raised shoulders...and boy, was I sore from the neck up!

But I've been putting into practice some tricks to help me relax...soften my shoulders..release some tension. 

#1: Reminder myself...LOWER YOUR DAMN SHOULDERS. Literally. I will drop my shoulder blades whenever I catch myself hunching up. It's helped a lot. 

#2: Give my shoulders a chance to RELEASE. A massage therapist showed me this tip of using a strap (towel or belt works too) to help ease my shoulders down.

 Take the strap overhead first in one hand, then reach back and grasp it with the other hand. Feel the sweet release...FEEL IT NOW! 

Take the strap overhead first in one hand, then reach back and grasp it with the other hand. Feel the sweet release...FEEL IT NOW! 

In my More to Love Yoga Classes, I'm always reminding people to drop their shoulders. Because I need to remember to drop my shoulders. It's a good practice, one that helps my stress-level lower too.

My Yoga Teacher Training: Final Week

Rachel Estapa

Our instructor warned us “This last week will go by in the blink of an eye, so savor each moment.” 

 Officially a Kripalu Yoga Teacher! 

Officially a Kripalu Yoga Teacher! 

Looming over my head was the truth: this amazing experience will end soon and I tried to let the feelings come and go, entering and wandering inside, only to pass through like water in a sieve. It was hard. 

By the end of week three, the class was transformed, opened, and emotional bonds were forever forged. I became even closer to my amazing group of friends, I love them each and all, and even though we only had a few weeks together, I feel I know them deeply and personally. They know me too. 

 My dear friends, soul friends  

My dear friends, soul friends  

I sat out on a hillside one night, my malabeads in hand (traditional prayer beads given as a gift to us) and I said a simple “Thank you” as I rolled along each bead, bringing up the memories, faces and special moments of my time at Kripalu. It was what I needed to do in order to begin my transition out - to acknowledge and thank what had been so kind and wonderful, and seal the precious moments into my beads forever. 


During the week we had our final practice teach where I was able to work in a theme which spoke to me: Queen Of Hearts. My class, where I guided three of my classmates plus a mentor, was all about power, confidence and letting the heart speak. After it, each one of the members said they felt “empowered”, “bolder” and “cared for.” I felt alive and happy - my class was fun and meaningful! 

I also shared more about More to Love with the class - I didn’t want to come into YTT leading with my business and work, I was here to experience the environment and be a student. But towards the end, I felt a rush that now was the time to let everyone know what I was about: loving and experiencing my larger body so I can help others do the same. 

During our closing circle, I shared that I used to pray every night to wake-up with a new body, a thinner body, and when I chose to love myself a few years ago, my life changed fundamentally. I told them my time here at Kripalu was exactly the right moment in my life because I’ve worked to make sure self-love is my priority and that all relationships, experiences and ideas stem from a deep sense of love and openness. I shared that being bigger in yoga is growing, that more people like me are willing to be seen for their body to enjoy yoga just like anyone else. 

That night at our celebration, I read my Huffington Post article called “How Yoga Helped Me Love My Bigger Body” and for many, they had no idea about my work and presence in the body acceptance movement. It was the first time I ever read my work aloud and honestly…it was incredible. I learned the more I tell my personal story around body image, the less powerful the hurtful memories are. I’m moving into a new area beyond body acceptance, into something I’m calling “body experience” and I’m so thrilled to see how that expands. 

Our closing ceremony was one of the most gorgeous, heart-felt, and tender moments I’ve ever had in my life. Those there know what I’m talking about, those not, it’s OK - just know that I personally felt a soothing flow of love, closing, farewell, and immense possibility for the future. 

 Yoga Glow back in Boston

Yoga Glow back in Boston

When I returned home to Boston, I felt different - the energy of the city was active, against the grain of the peace and calm I felt nearly the whole month. The next 24 hours I cried, wept, laughed, smiled, told stories to my husband - I let the emotions come and go, knowing that a closing is just as important as an opening. To end means you lived. 

So now I’m going to soak - to let bubble up what will and take my time to integrate back into the every day. I know I cannot replicate Kripalu perfectly into my life, but I can take seeds and plant them. I’m confident that balance and self-care are rightfully placed in my life, and I am so blessed to have the experience of a month devoted to personal growth and knowledge. 

I also want to write a special letter to my classmates and teachers over the next week or so while I’m feeling their echo in my heart. 

But now, the yoga begins: I am Rachel Estapa, a certified life coach and now Kripalu yoga teacher. I'm the founder of More to Love, a community which educates and empowers larger women to apply body acceptance into their daily lives. I love my body and self, and it’s my passion to help others learn how to do it too. 


My Yoga Teacher Training: Week Three

Rachel Estapa

This moment this love comes to rest in me, many beings in one being. In one wheat grain a thousand loaves. Inside the needles’s eye a turning night of stars.
- Rumi

Week three was by far the most intense, exhaustive and rewarding period in my training so far. Being in yoga teacher training (YTT) feels very insular - there are experiences and awareness that happen in a group and on the individual level that when explained to others outside, would sound crazy.

The theme of this week was balance - of attuning body, mind and spirit into one harmonious chord. 

Early in the week, I was very tired. I overexerted myself on our Saturday day off, didn’t rest as much as I needed, and come Sunday and Monday, I was hurting inside and out.

I had to remember why I came here: to study yoga and be with myself. I spent my free hours a bit more quieter than I had, opting to read and write, eat alone and just chill.

In training, this week we had two practice teach exams. One was to embody and sustain each of the 25 postures in our program while someone witnessed and observed how our body moved in an out of it. It was a very intimate and vulnerable experience, since a few of the poses were new to my body and being larger, I had to adjust them a bit. But what I realized is being seen in motion is honesty, truth, and sweet lord — others got to see that I am REALLY flexible and strong! 

Towards the end of the week, we were encouraged to move into social silence, to not chat on our breaks, refrain from texting/internet and spend time in quiet contemplation and self-care. I was totally on board, but could I not talk for two days? What would I do? 

Initially a little scared, I ended up really enjoying the silence. I spent more time in the whirlpool and sauna, went for walks in the gorgeous natural surroundings, and when I felt like I wanted to talk to my friends here, I looked at photos of my life and family. 

Silence brings up feelings and emotions which normally, we tend to push away with distractions. With distractions not available, I was ready to take a deeper look into what the feelings, thoughts, emotions were about. 

What kept returning to me was how can I keep this type of self-care balance up in my life? I sat with it, scared at first that once I left Kripalu I’d return back to my tendency to over-work myself, pulling between many projects and ideas without giving my self personal time and space. 

But then I realized: I am allowed to put my personal care first. I am allowed to say YES and NO to things, to schedule my self-love before chores, to take rest and downtime when needed, and to remember nothing is urgent and can often wait until after a little breath and break. 

The daily practice of this...well...I look forward to seeing how it can fit in more. I guess the biggest piece would be to use the mornings for self-care and work in a more steady yoga and meditation practice. But let’s wait until I get back for that :) 

There was another amazing experience at the end of this week, but I’m still settling from it and am not ready to write or share it - but it was what I hoped to experience while at Kripalu, sorta like a cosmic “thumbs-up” that I’m on the best path for me in life. 

More on that to come later, when/if I’m ready to share further.

With one week remaining, I’m really trying to stay in the present, to not future plan for life post- YTT, to keep savoring and staying aware of this extraordinary experience. I want to balance this week with spending time with the close friends I’ve made and also, give the space I desire to soak it all in. 

My Yoga Teacher Training: Week Two

Rachel Estapa

I’m now half-way through my yoga teacher training…what a week!

The week began slowly, after an amazingly relaxing Saturday spent with my new circle of friends, Sunday felt like a hang-over of happiness and exhaustion. My body felt tired, a bit achey, and my spirits felt subdued. 

I let the feelings linger because I wanted to explore this contrasting feeling of both joy and sadness. What was it about? The feeling came and went, as often they do. 

My birthday was on Tuesday, June 9, and I turned 31. I was feeling lonely because I wasn’t with my family or husband, but I was also happy because it was a personal goal of mine to spend my b-day at Kripalu. Something about the personal reflection on a birthday called to me. 

Early in the day, my teacher called me up to the stage and led the WHOLE class - 60 students - to sing me Happy Birthday! She then asked me to invoke an intention to guide me into this new year. I responded with:

“I, Rachel, follow my heart and accept all the joy in which that brings.” 

Then the class, with hands extended out to me, repeated it back three-times. It was a perfect birthday gift.

Oh, and I also got a hot-stone massage from the Healing Arts department here - that was my special b-day treat :) 

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but sometime around Wednesday I had a flash: I’m a yoga teacher! I now see how poses build, how the experience of the student is the focus, and how to create space so people can discover themselves while feeling safe and cared for.

On Thursday, we had our first big time to teach a group and I had to create a 45 minute class and lead it, seamlessly. I was scared, but also really excited. I love to teach, so I pulled in a sense of confidence and calm as best I could — but of course I was nervous! 

The teaching went well - the one theme everyone picked up on, including the mentor for the group, was my confidence and passion. They all said it was a strong trait of mine and I was humbled. 

This week physically I was tested - my back was starting to hurt due to MANY MANY forward fold practices, but I listened to my body and responded with kindness and rest when needed. I was really glad my hip/back pain didn’t intensify — I think I've learned how to manage it better, thankfully. 

But the highlight of the week happened on Friday night. I was about to go to bed early, but then I saw in the expansive night sky lightning and my heart leapt — a thunderstorm! I raced outside to the great lawn to watch the strikes in the sky, no rain at all, and I heard not too far away the sound of a guitar and a few singers. 

I walked down, curious who it was, and it was a few people in my class. I joined in singing folk songs, hymns, jamming-out to harmonic music as the night sky lit-up with light and beauty. It was beyond magical and special - it was the event I wished in my heart would happen while here.

I grew up singing and for 20 years, it was a staple of my life. But I let it go when my life got busy with others things, only resigned to singing in small bursts in my home or with the radio. My heart aches for singing to come back into my life in a new way, and with yoga, I think I’ve found a path to return back to my voice.

As more of an audience grew and joined into our songs, the sky then opened up in a flood of rain and soaked us all — a few even returned to dance and play in the rain. Kripalu has this invigorating effect of courage to live life to the fullest, in the moment. 

Today is Saturday and the plan is to spend it with my close circle of friends I’ve made and celebrate one of their birthdays. I feel blessed to have a tight cluster of people who are inspiring, funny, kind, and value the life-long practice of self-discovery. 

This week for me was about yoga off the mat - the interconnected relationship of ideas, acts , people, and my own personal experience in self-care and compassion.

My Yoga Teacher Training: Week One

Rachel Estapa

 A drawing of myself in Mountain Pose

A drawing of myself in Mountain Pose

Atha yoga anushasanam
“Now, the teachings of yoga.”
—Yoga Sutra 1.1

I’m officially done with my first week of yoga teacher training! I want to share with you some of my experiences and thoughts as best I can. 

About Kripalu

Nestled in the hills of the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts lies a place that is magical. Converted from an old monastery, Kriaplu stands upon a sweeping hillside overlooking a lake, surrounded by lush grounds and hidden places of sanctuary. You can feel upon entering the space something is welcoming, yet very unfamiliar, about this place. 

Kripalu means 'compassion' in Sanskrit and is the name-sake of the yogic leader the center was devoted to. Every inch of the land, building, programs and people resonate the pure and simple message held within its name. Kriaplu is a delicate balance of community and personal reflection, of self-growth yet buzzing with people and stories rich with variety and spirit. It’s a space where you’re invited to offer up your deepest callings, or remain in quiet silence with your own experience. 

The Yoga Training

My yoga program began with a simple circle of my classmates, about 60 of us, standing side by side with one hand resting on our hearts, and the other, resting firmly on the back of our neighbor. 

That’s the beauty here - you are with yourself and others, supported and cared for.

Kripalu Yoga is not the typical style of yoga most are familiar with. While there is a slight flow to the practice, emphasis is placed on a connection between the breath, mindful placement and movement of the body, and the whole internal awareness of each movement. Kripalu Yoga is for all bodies, as it begins with the gentle and can be added on for more advanced poses. In Kripalu Yoga, you won't hear a teacher say “Ok, now do X pose” instead, you move and build each posture slowly, mindfully, until you then realize your body is positioned into a beautiful and strong posture best suited for what you personally need in the moment, led with breath, always. 

It’s the most amazing way to practice yoga I’ve done because it’s not about my body getting into a pose, it’s about a pose taking shape within my body - there is a difference.

 Image of the front lawn at Kripalu

Image of the front lawn at Kripalu

A Typical Day 

My day begins at 5:15am with a slow morning rise, as our community yoga practice begins at 5:50am. We enter into morning practice with breath, deliberate and calm movements, and within two hours, have experienced all 21 poses and postures our training consists of. Each morning a new Kripalu trainer holds our practice. We experience their style and space and each class is exceptional. 

Silent, we move into morning breakfast and the whole building dines together quietly, no conversations, and it’s actually very nice to glide into the day without the jarring desire (or expectation) to hold a conversation. 

9am our training begins, we break for lunch, return at 2pm and concluded at 6pm. Within the whole day, easily I’m doing 7-8 hours of yoga. I’ve done more yoga in this week than I think I did the past 4 months combined, yet my body feels strong, supported, encouraged and loved.

In the evening, I usually have dinner with classmates and then spend an hour in the sauna and whirlpool, soaking worked muscles, and study and prep for the next day. I also have the option to attend other events, I only did one this week (I wanted to rest and relax as much as possible).

I’m in a shared bunk with 7 other women from all over the U.S. and world. One just came in from Egypt to attend training, another from Israel, one more lived in Indonesia for the past 8 months before coming back to study yoga with us, and another is off to Iceland the next day after training to work work in a hostel. All of us have our families and connections we’ve left behind for a month, all of us are humbled and happy to be here.

Overhead lights are turned off at 9:30p and all personal lights by 10p. We honor the practice, the routine helps, and we restfully sleep to prep to do it all over again tomorrow. 

How I feel

I’ve been to Kripalu before, so the initial awe wasn’t as strong - which honestly, is great because I feel focused and committed to why I am here. The first days were hard - I really missed my husband, was scared if my body would hold up (I didn’t know the daily schedule) and honestly, a month away is a long time! 

 Field of wild flowers along the hillside outside our training space

Field of wild flowers along the hillside outside our training space

I’m the largest body in the program and I expected to be. I want to be visible, be seen, and represent that bigger bodies can and do yoga. And my presence here and talking about More to Love’s work has enlightened other teachers-to-be to realize that larger bodies experience yoga in a different way, but equally worthy and whole. Many have expressed gratitude for sharing my story and being here because they wouldn’t known about this level of body experience in yoga. 

I’ve personally detached from social media daily (check in maybe every two days) and it’s so refreshing to not have my phone on me constantly. I’ve not had coffee during the weekday mornings! And I feel amazing. The food is incredible, the air is so fresh, my body feels incredible and the pain I was terrified of experiencing in my hip hasn’t happened, in fact the opposite, my body has never felt this open and limber — and just in one week! 

I know this might be the honeymoon phase - the program here on out grows in intensity, the practice gets harder and the inner resistance will rise. I’m already feeling rumbles of personal issues around my identity as a “larger person” starting to be triggered, so I’m preparing for self-work in that area. 

I am so happy. Truly. I feel like I am exactly in the right place, the right time in my life, like the challenge before me will be met equally with my level of commitment, skill and passion. 

I will keep you posted of course, weekly, and I cannot thank my family and friends enough for allowing me the space to pursue this extraordinary adventure. I am full of love.