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More To Love teaches plus size women how to learn body-acceptance and end dieting for good. 

A$25 hunk of plastic running your life?

Rachel Estapa

For millions and millions, a $25 hunk of plastic decides if you’re going to have a good day or a bad day – all before 8 a.m.
The routine is common: wake-up, step on scale, heart sinks, step off, feeling lousy about it all day. This is the control weight has had in our lives for years. Maybe decades.
How do I know? I was one of these women tied to the tally of the scale. If the scale moved in the direction I wanted, then I’d get a boost of happy. The other way, sour grapes.
But what the scale was never (and will never) be able to measure is what makes life worth living. Happy celebrations with friends. A beam of confidence after getting a new hair style that you can’t wait to show-off. Completing a project that means a big deal to you. Holding hands with your loved ones. Dancing around without a care in the world.
A scale will never measure the quality of our life. So why do we continue to let it try and do so?
Because we’ve been taught to. And yes, you can un-learn allowing the influence of the scale to shape your life.

The best way to separate your worth from your weight is to acknowledge that you are much more complex, intricate, interesting and valuable than the rather dull mathematical relationship to your mass (body) in relation to the earth mass (the ground) through the force we all have to live by (gravity.) BORING.
I get it – it’s really, really hard to not let the number on the scale mean something about you. But I want to offer you a new perspective that’ll help you – literally – feel less of the burden of weight.
It’s called body acceptance. And it starts by taking one breath, one step, one idea at a time and focusing on the bigger picture – the whole of you.
I’ve taught body acceptance to thousands of women for the past few years now. Through my lessons, tools, activities and approaches, these women expanded their own understanding of the value within and in doing so, were able to appreciate their body out in the world.
Their hearts, not the scale, directed what kind of day they had. Their confidence, not weight, was the engine to be more bold, courageous and loving. Their values, not volume, shaped the person they were going to be in the world. And they all felt more beautiful, inside and out.
I offer to you the More to Love Course, my award-winning online training to help you learn the magic of body acceptance, one day at a time.
The More to Love Course offers you powerful lessons and tools to help you design a life that honors and respects your body, no matter your size, no matter where you are on your wellness path. 
The next More to Love Course begins May 2 and registration is open.
Together, we can step off the scale for good and step into the person who is ready to live with an open heart.