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More To Love teaches plus size women how to learn body-acceptance and end dieting for good. 

4 Reason why you're sabotaging yourself...and you don't even know it!

Rachel Estapa

I will publish a series of articles detailing the "Big Four Energy Blocks" that inhibit people from reaching success. Awareness of them shines light on all the B.S. excuses that come out of our mouths on why we don't change things we're unhappy about. As a coach trained in calling these out in clients, and as an individual who is aware of when mine surface -- let me tell you: they are POWERFUL and have the potential to remove ALL excuses.

Here's a flavor of what's to come:

  • What you believe about yourself or reality might actually be holding you back from ever getting what you want.
  • That "bad" thing that happened to you before? Ya -- well, it's 2011 and chances are, you're still stuck in believing that it'll happen to you again.  
  • Not everything is about you...remove your ego and you'll free up a ton of wasted energy. 
  • Self-doubt is a killer when you still consider that voice as equal to your own -- well, it's not...and there's a way to distance yourself from it.

The Four Energy Blocks will be a slap in the face to some, or a coooool drink of water to many. Trust me -- it frees up a lot of useless energy when you understand with clarity what's really holding you back. No more excuses, no more waiting helplessly for conditions to change --- it's all in your perception and I'm going to introduce you to a refreshing take on how to transform your life.

Talk soon :)

~ Coach Rachel