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Help support More To Love Yoga!


More To Love teaches plus size women how to learn body-acceptance and end dieting for good. 

Help support More To Love Yoga!

Rachel Estapa

I've literally been keeping this on the hush for seven months - no, not a baby - but KINDA!

I've been accepted to study at the Kripalu Center, one of the best yoga and health schools in the world, with one purpose in mind: to expand More To Love to include yoga, so your body can enjoy it. 

And I'd love your generous support to bring MTL to the next level. 

Support More To Love  Yoga!

So take just 3 minutes to watch my video on why More To Love is expanding and how you can help.

It's a pretty bold idea to blend my body-acceptance teachings of More To Love with the physical practice of yoga, but it's one I hear people asking for often, so I'm excited about it and so ready to offer it to you.  

So watch, share the campaign, and get involved - it's going to be BIG! 

More To Lovingly Yours,