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More To Love teaches plus size women how to learn body-acceptance and end dieting for good. 

How to push back against a distorted societal message

Rachel Estapa

Thank you for being a part of the More To Love community. By being here, you're doing something brave but you may not view it like that...yet. 

Our culture values a certain type of female body and puts immense pressure on women like you to conform to that ideal. The cost of this discouraging message leaves you feeling like your own body is never good enough. You know the trap well: a viscous cycle of shame and guilt around food, weight, your own voice - all the while, your happiness is held hostage. 

I created the More To Love Class as a way to push back against the distorted societal message that your plus size body is not allowed to feel beautiful. It's amazingly brave to want body acceptance and it's even more empowering to commit to it. More To Love Class teaches you how to love and honor your body through daily exercises shared within the support and security of an online group of women just like you.

Your brave moment begins with a loving investment in yourself.

MTLClass is purposefully set an affordable price of $49.00 USD and while other coaches charge hundreds of dollars for a glitzy program with vague guarantees, More To Love Class actually delivers on giving you an authentic experience on how to love your plus size body. Even the Boston Globe recognizes the powerful results of the More To Love Class, naming it one of the best new ideas.

The risk of not taking MTLClass is clear – nothing changes. You’ll go on feeling like your body is a burden, wishing for the day you magically figure out how to break free from the vicious guilt-shame trap, then maybe have a shot at being happy.

Taking MTLClass gives you a path to peace and happiness today – yes, even in a body you may consider way too big or unworthy of it. I will show you how to foster a positive attitude to help you feel better about yourself now so you can commit to healthier choices, activities, and pathways to happiness long-term.

Class begins on Tuesday January 20th so register and give yourself the space to love and invest in yourself.