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More To Love teaches plus size women how to learn body-acceptance and end dieting for good. 

I made the press & I want to thank you!

Rachel Estapa

Ohh yeah!!I wanted to share with you all that I was featured in the Boston Globe's online site, "A Three-Hour Cure for Your Quarter Life Crisis: My Life Coaching Experience."  The article was one of the most emailed article's on the whole site that day; shared now over 1,000 times from the article itself --- and hundreds more times via social networks.

A special thank-you to Rose Lincoln for the awesome photos, to The Next Great Generation, and writer Charlotte Glasser for putting herself out there to make this story possible. By sharing your life, you made others realize they too can grow, learn and find themselves in times of feeling lost and confused -- you lived the benefit of coaching. This time three years ago, I was laid-off and freaking out over what it was going to mean for my future -- financially, professionally and personally.

In that time I created a new approach to living -- undercurrent-- the idea that if you put your own personal growth first, follow and share what you love with the world around you, you'll become happier and more successful because you're living authentically to who you are.  That little idea pulled me though some rough times -- and today, that same idea, no longer little, is quickly becoming my life's work.

The lesson from this incredible opportunity? If you put yourself and what you love out there, it will always come back to you in ways that inspire, validate and encourage you that the risks are always worth taking -- that your authentic self is worth sharing and worth loving. 

Friends, family, readers, supporters, strangers-- thank you ALL for making this article spread and for making this coach one  humbled and inspired woman!

My very best to each of you,