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More To Love teaches plus size women how to learn body-acceptance and end dieting for good. 

Feel great in your body with the #MoreToLoveSelfie challenge!

Rachel Estapa

Inspired by my latest blog post How I use Instagram to feel amazing about my curvy body I thought of a FUN, SIMPLE and EASY opportunity to help YOU directly experience some amazing body-confidence! 

Starting today through this coming weekend (Thurs - Sunday) I'm throwing a More To Love Selfie challenge! Just tag #MoreToLoveSelfie on Instagram and like/comment on other women's photos too. 

When you share a body-positive selfie you instantly feel a boost of confidence and when other people also appreciate it (with likes or comments) will the feeling get's magnified! Come share your make-up, smile, your sassy outfit -- anything that makes YOU feel gorgeous! 

Here's how you can feel amazing: 

  1. Share a photo of yourself on Instagram and tag #MoreToLoveSelfie (don't have Instagram yet? Download on your smart-phone asap, it's free!) 
  2. Find other women using the hashtag #MoreToLoveSelfie and LIKE their photo and leave a body-positive comment! 
  3. Post as many times as you want - the more, the better 
  4. You can also follow me as I will be RE-POSTING your photos too, so it's a great way to feel amazing in your body and make new body-positive friends!