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More To Love teaches plus size women how to learn body-acceptance and end dieting for good. 

Join the "I'm Hot!" Curvy Summer Photo-Project!

Rachel Estapa

 Rachel - I'm Hot.

Rachel - I'm Hot.

Last May, I ran the “I’m Proud Of My Size” photo-project and had 30 gorgeous, confident and curvy women share their images and sizes, declaring that their body is nothing short of perfect for them. With summer now in full swing, I want to take this same challenge to the next level in a fun, exciting way.

From Monday, July 21 –  July 31, the “I’m Hot!” photo-project is an opportunity for you lovely, curvy ladies to show off your favorite summer photos and style! You can submit a photo of yourself in a summer dress, shorts, tank top, swimsuit, workout gear– whatever makes YOU feel sexy and hot this summer!


This is a chance to share your curves, style, happy self AND help to inspire other women to be more confident in their skin. Being fashionable and comfy is especially tricky in the summer months, when showing more skin might bring up body-insecurities. But know this: each photo shared is a spark of inspiration and call to action for another woman to appreciate her body.

The Guidelines:

  1. Email me a full-body photo of you looking fabulously happy in your favorite summer outfit and I'll add an individualized "I'm Hot!" graphic and then post it on my Facebook page.  My email = and put "I'm Hot Submission" in the subject and make sure to include your name and one sentence about yourself that you’d like to be shared in the photo’s post.
  2. Then go to my Facebook Page & LIKE IT (if you don't already) so I can give you credit in the photo.
  3. If you're on Twitter,  follow me + include your @handle in your email & I'll tweet it out to you w/ the hashtag #ImHot
  4. SHARE IT! Once your photo is up, go out and share it and include a link back to this post so other people can participate.

It’s simple, fun and a great way to show off your style and help encourage others to feel more confident in their body too.

Can’t wait to see your photos!

XO Rachel

PS --> By sending in your photo, you're allowing me to share it, post it & have it become inspiration for other women (and men!) to love their bodies. Case in point, you're not going to legally call foul if you willingly send in a photo!