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More To Love teaches plus size women how to learn body-acceptance and end dieting for good. 

Meet More To Love Ambassador Britt Melton

Rachel Estapa

I am happy to announce for the first time Spring 2015s More To Love Ambassadors! You will learn about three inspiring women, Britt Melton, Shenee Howard & Kristina Blake, each of whom are changing the world through their own committed practice to body acceptance and community building. Each of these women have taken the More To Love Class and are incredible examples of how body love changes lives.

Ive asked them to share with us how the course helped their own relationship with their body and what they are up to next as they help ignite love, confidence, and happiness for women through their work. 

I am honored to introduce Britt Melton, founder of Oh, How She Blooms and co-founder of SoulBliss Yoga. Britt and I first met in early 2014 through the More To Love Class, and right away, I felt her warm presence and deep thoughtfulness for loving her body. She has had an amazing year inspiring other women to love and appreciate their bodies through yoga and open dialogue around eating disorders.

Britt shares with me her experience being a part of the More To Love Class and her own work helping women.

About a year ago, you were in a different place with your body—what were you hoping to find?

When I signed up for the More to Love Class, I was in the process of recovering from binge eating disorder and was actively looking for new and different ways to heal my relationship with myself, specifically my body-image issues.

When you learned about the More To Love Class, what sparked your interest most?

What first appealed to me about the MTL Class was the idea of dedicating a month to self-care and setting time aside just to work on me.

How did the course help you create more opportunity for self-care in your life?

Although the self-care aspect of the class was as amazing as I had hoped, the thing that surprised me was the sense of community and the fact that all these women were coming together to lift each other up. 

The most amazing thing is that this continues even after the class is finished in the private Facebook community.  It is a wonderful thing to bring like-minded people together and know they have your back when times are tough.

Our dream is for all women to come to a place where they feel bliss in their souls and peace in their hearts.

How do you feel about your body today? Any changes? 

The greatest gift from the MTL Class is the knowledge that I am not alone in my struggles.  The sense of isolation I felt is gone, and I have learned so much from the others in the group who lead by example.  Their strength has given me the courage to love myself, just as I am.

Tell us about your work with Oh, How She Blooms and Soul Bliss—what do you help women do best?

I started my blog and website, Oh, How She Blooms, to tell my story.  My goal was to help just one person.  I thought if I could help someone with similar struggles, my eating disorder would have served a purpose and the suffering would result in something good. 

It was a huge act of bravery and self-love on my part, and the MTL Class gave me even greater confidence that I was doing the right thing by speaking my truth. 

As I searched for ways to ease my anxiety and take better care of myself (mind, body, and soul), I discovered yoga. Yoga has been an integral part to my healing, and I learned that the practice of yoga itself is not only an act of self-care but also a way to be present in your body and appreciate it for all that it can accomplish.  Last fall, I formed Soul Bliss with my yoga teacher and best friend. 

How do you envision Soul Bliss Yoga growing?  

Our mission is to create a safe space, free of judgment, for women to practice wellness through yoga, journaling, meditation, and a sense of community.  Ultimately guiding women to recognize their unique gifts and the strength they hold within, our dream is for all women to come to a place where they feel bliss in their souls and peace in their hearts. 

I believe that the work you [Rachel Estapa] do within More To Love Class has a very similar mission, and that all of us involved in the fight to teach women to love themselves have learned that acts of self-care plus a sense a community equal magic. The MTLClass certainly ignited something deep within me, and that fire has most definitely translated into a whole lot of magic in the work I do today.

What would you say to someone who is considering MTLClass but still feels unsure to join? 

I would say . . . give this gift to yourself!  You are no good to others if you do not take care of yourself first.  You are worthy of this attention and deserve to make yourself your number one priority!

So folks can follow your work and journey, where can they find you?

Many places! 

Oh, How She Blooms!






Soul Bliss






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