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More To Love teaches plus size women how to learn body-acceptance and end dieting for good. 

Meet More To Love Ambassador Kristina Blake

Rachel Estapa


I am happy to announce for the first time Spring 2015s More To Love Ambassadors! You will learn about three inspiring women, Britt MeltonShenee Howard & Kristina Blake, each of whom are changing the world through their own committed practice to body acceptance and community building. Each of these women have taken the More To Love Class and are incredible examples of how body love changes lives.

Ive asked them to share with us how the course helped their own relationship with their body and what they are up to next as they help ignite love, confidence, and happiness for women through their work. 

Kristina Blake is changing the way people see larger bodies in fitness. I first saw a photo of Kristina in a wet suit as she prepared for a triathlon. She was bold, brave, energetic, and determined to prove that any body can enjoy fitness and movement.

I am so happy to share her work through The Contrary Athlete, which, on top of promoting fitness, also shares how to deal with invisible diseases like auto-immune and digestive disorders. Kristina walks the More To Love path by sharing her personal story, struggles, and victories, and is inspiring women along her amazing way. 

Before you chose to love your body more, how did you feel towards it?

Despite my accomplishments and drive toward fitness and a better lifestyle, I still had such negative feelings toward myself and my body. I needed help understanding and accepting who I am as a person in my body now, instead of constantly degrading it because of who I think I should be.

When you first saw MTLClass, what stood out?

Rachel has such a positive outlook on life. You can tell that she believes in what she does, and what she puts out there for the world to see. I admire that, and knew if I stepped outside my box, I could learn something from her.

What are some highlights about the MTLClass? 

The MTLClass provides a wonderful and supportive environment filled with others who are going through exactly what you are. I enjoyed the way the assignments were presented and how you were allowed to work at your own pace, with encouragement along the way.

The MTLClass showed me how to deal with my negative inner-voice, and allowed me to better share my journey and become a more positive role model for those people that need it.

How do you feel about your body today? Any changes? 

There are still days when I have negative feelings, but what has changed is that, thanks to the class, I now have the tools in place to better recognize and deal with those feelings.

Tell us about your work with The Contrary Athlete—what do you help women do best?

So many people limit themselves in their health journeys because they focus on what they think they can’t do, or give in to society’s common interpretation of what a healthy person is supposed to be. I wanted to break that cycle and show people what they can do.

What would you say to someone who is considering MTLClass but still feels unsure to join? 

Step outside of your box . . . there’s a million other shapes to see.

How can people follow your progress?




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