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More To Love teaches plus size women how to learn body-acceptance and end dieting for good. 

More To Love Class – Questions & Answers

Rachel Estapa



What is the More To Love Class? 

The More To Love Class (MTLClass) is a month-long interactive program comprised of one body-image related challenge for each day of April 2014. The challenges range from activities to boost self-image and confidence, as well as creative and fun missions around food, plussize fashion and fitness. When the class ends, you’ll have 28 empowering actions designed to help you live your curvy life happier and healthier.

Who is this class for?

This class is for any woman who has felt embarrassed, frustrated, or self-conscious regarding the size and shape of their body. The MTLClass contains challenges that are perfect for someone just beginning their body-acceptance journey, but also has more advanced practices that long-time body-image warriors will find deeply rewarding. While the class is tailored to plus-size women, it certainly isn’t exclusive of other body-shapes and size.

How does it work?

Each day in April, the class is given one action to devote the day to. You’ll be encouraged to capture your experience however you want. It might through a photo, or piece of writing, a thought, or inspirational picture  - it’s totally up to you. Then you’ll want to interact each day with the other women taking the class by posting in the private Facebook group designed for MTLClass. You can also post to Twitter, Instagram or anywhere else you virtually-live using the hashtag #MTLClass. The group-aspect is a core piece of the program, as each day everyone will be working on the same challenge so it will be motivational and inspirational. 

Who sees what I share?

Your privacy and security is of utmost importance to me and only registered members of the class directly invited by me will have access to the private Facebook group. For extra confidence, make sure your security settings are configured how you want them to be. If I discover anyone sharing images without approval, they will be banned from the page and removed from the class. 

How do I get the challenges each day?

Three ways: Each Sunday, you'll receive an email listing the upcoming weeks actions + a link to a password protected page with all the activities stored. Each day by 8:00am, a post will be shared within the private More To Love Facebook page for that day's activities, so you have a few ways to keep updated. 

What are some examples of the challenge?

You can get a sense of the types in the class here.

I'm really busy and don't know if I can do every day..what's required of me?

Omg, you can totally take the class even if you're busy!! It's designed to work for your daily schedule. Every day is a suggestion and by no means am I taking attendance :) Do what you can because even a little bit helps. Regarding requirements, you’re required to give yourself permission and be open to learning something new about yourself and sharing it with others. Each one of the 28 total body-positive challenges is thoughtfully designed to increase your self-confidence, so there is no wrong way to do it. You’re guaranteed to see your body in a more loving, proud way as well as pin-point some trouble areas that are keeping you from accepting yourself right now.

Is there a live call involved?

Yes. On Monday, March 31 at 8:30pm EST there will be a live-call to kick off the program. Within this call you’ll also learn what the first challenge is for April 1. PLUS Whitney Thore, founder of No Body Shame Campaign and start of viral "A Fat Girl Dancing" video is the call's guest speaker! A recording of the call will be sent to all class members. 

How much does it cost?  

The class is $40. This fee is purposefully set at a highly affordable rate because I want to make my work as accessible to as many women as possible, regardless of your budget. The true value of the MTLClass materials, lessons, my personal support, and group-coaching approach is over $500. I’m not crazy nor am I diminishing my value as a highly trained & quality coach  – I really believe in this work and want you to have no reason not to join. So when you invest, you’re essentially getting a life-times worth of positive actions for the cost of a mani-pedi.

This sounds awesome, when do I have to register by?

The sooner the better as the last week in January the private Facebook group will open, but registration is open until April 2 (but you’ll miss the live-call). You can register below.