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More To Love Class registration now open!


More To Love teaches plus size women how to learn body-acceptance and end dieting for good. 

More To Love Class registration now open!

Rachel Estapa

I am so excited to announce the next More To Love Class for April is now open for enrollment! Skip to the head of the class and secure your spot now.

The More To Love Class (MTLClass) is my signature 28-day online course that teaches you how to love your body and self. Each day in April, you receive a specific activity to work through that is designed to help you reflect, understand and transform a part of your relationship to your body. Activities span across body-image, self-esteem, food, fitness, your unique fashion and also, learning how to re-frame negative thoughts which keep you from loving who you are. It’s a collaborative, supportive, FUN, and deeply inspiring space for you to take time and focus on yourself. The other women in the class are going through the same body-related issues, so you’re met with loving support and kindness too.

Living with body-shame feels like two separate lives...the one you keep locked away inside yourself, and the one you’re keeping up for the world to see. It’s exhausting, painful and sometimes a lonely way to live.

The MTLClass teaches you how to bridge the gaps in your life so that the REAL you gets to show up in more areas of life and become confident and let go of feeling embarrassed regarding how you look or feel.

I created the More To Love Class because I didn’t see many offerings to plus-size women regarding what it takes to actually learn self-love. The MTLClass provides you a safe, judgement-free zone for you to share openly what you go through, receive instant support and love for it, and gives you the inspiring space necessary to test your new skills and confidence. 

You don’t have to do this alone. I am with you each step of the way through guidance and care. The MTLClass community is the jewel of this program and through the environment, you will be inspired and transformed far beyond just 28 days! In fact, I had more than DOUBLE the participants I intended...I had to re-open registration so everyone could join! I cannot even take full credit for how amazing the first class went - the group totally owned each assignment of the course, and now, they are all happily continuing their MTLClass work in the alum page I created for after the class concludes.

See, More To Love isn’t just a one-month class….we’re making friends and connections to last far beyond. MTLClass is a community of women who want to learn and live self-love and body-acceptance, and I’m honored to bring everyone together in this amazing way. You can read more about some of their transformations here.

 Handful of women from February's MTLClass. 

Handful of women from February's MTLClass. 

It’s your turn to devote time to working on your body-image and self-love because I know how much it means to you to be happy, healthy and living the life you want. I provide the steps, your peers provides the love and support - you just need to join!