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The battleground of our body


More To Love teaches plus size women how to learn body-acceptance and end dieting for good. 

The battleground of our body

Rachel Estapa

The path to loving our bodies more wholly is often brushed against the reality of why this is a struggle to begin with: a black & white understanding of our selves.

On one side, we want to feel loved and whole all of the time, led by happiness and joy in a constant stream that vanishes shame and helplessness. The other side, we know pain and disappointment are very real, they burn, and we create a life in which we try our best to avoid such instances so that we can protect parts within that feel too breakable to withstand.

Our bodies then become the battleground of this war, a seemingly constant tug for one side to claim the truth: love or fear?

So much worry and stress comes from believing there is ONE answer, universally, for you and for all. That our bodies are either good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, loved or hated. We live in the swing of this wild territory, but it’s a barren space for what we desire most – the peace to just be.

I offer another way…that in one hand, you hold true the realities of your body, its limits and struggles, its honest form and your sometimes conflicted ideas about how to be with it.

And simultaneously in your other hand, you can hold a faith and love for your body, the knowing that a tender heart soothes wounds and that you have the ability to hold these pieces of you safely.

You can be both the holder of pain and the healer of it. Right now, you are imperfectly whole.