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More To Love teaches plus size women how to learn body-acceptance and end dieting for good. 

The CLICK moment

Rachel Estapa

I recently had a conversation with a California-based entrepreneur who sought me out to discuss the personal and leadership potentials of my generation -- the millennials. His first question to me was a loaded one, something to the effect of "You can bring people to a certain point, but can you really make them change?" I had to admit -- this same question I ask myself time and time again, and I answered him with "Ultimately.... no. No matter what people are exposed to, learn about, understand -- there is something that has to happen inside them, that click moment, that only comes through personal experience and realization."

And now I'm fascinated with the idea of the CLICK.

Everyone's had those Aha moments that alter the course of life -- but HOW do you actually come to that point and can others guide you there? As a coach, you'd think I knew the answer -- but I don't. I'm learning how to help people discover their own conditions for the click, but my honesty shines through -- there's no formula for it -- it's all on you.

I'm not sure if that's the most depressing or empowering thought: you're responsible for your own life-altering CLICKS.  People, ideas, experience, perspectives, suggestions, reflection can all give you the ingredients -- but something, something elusive, makes it snap into place. WHAT is it exactly??

Clicks seem to come at the tail-end of confusion, helplessness, frustration and dwindling faith that your life makes sense. But I think acceptance of ones limitations is key to their arrival. And more incredible,  a shift in perception happens that holistically rounds out the understanding of yourself, your condition, your power and you intuitively know what it is you must do. The synergy between mind, body and spirit is so rejuvenating.

But we all know this: clicks happen in their own time and in very mysterious ways. They join the party long after you've sent out an invitation. They are a very welcomed guest that leaves your house forever changed.

I want my life to always keep the door open for this guest - their arrival makes life exquisitely beautiful.