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More To Love teaches plus size women how to learn body-acceptance and end dieting for good. 

The simplest way to understand body acceptance

Rachel Estapa

Recently I taught a yoga workshop for plus size women and during my welcome and overview of the program, told the group my two guidelines for the class:

1.       Every body is a yoga body

2.       Body acceptance simply means being honest

The second guideline is what I want to explore because I know it’ll help you figure out how to approach body acceptance in a way that directly applies to you.

Theories, frameworks and philosophies are awesome. I studied philosophy deeply in college and while it was greatly rewarding, it never was able to answer the simple questions of “Ok, so…how do I apply this to my every day life?”

As the body-positive movement grows, so too do the conversations and discussions around what the movement's main points should be. Some people want to see it move into social-economic realms, others, lifestyle and wellness, and some, call upon it to dive further into the intersections of gender, race and many other facets of a diverse society.

While these are great conversations, they can also become overwhelming on the individual level of how you make it all work for your own life. This is the area where More To Love does a great job…helping you apply the big ideas of body acceptance to your day to day life.

So back to the guidelines…body acceptance means being honest.

When you meet yourself with candor and truth, an amazing thing occurs – judgment drops off and you’re left with what’s real for you. For individual-level body acceptance, this means your personal experience is what guides your own journey and you have the choice to manage it for what supports you best.

Sometimes being honest looks like needing more rest or kindness with yourself. Sometimes it means you feel disconnected from your body. Other times, you feel really elated and happy! It chances overtime and that’s a beautiful reality.

Being honest means you're checking in with yourself, evaluating options and learning how to trust your own intuition and experience regarding how to handle your body and life. This is the core of the More To Love Class, teaching you how this process of self-checking works. 

Body acceptance from a place of honesty always puts your own wisdom at the forefront. You can make choices and take actions which support you rather than dogmatically follow what someone else says body-love needs to be.

This is really powerful because I believe if people act honestly, there is a deeper connection and compassion forged. And applying it to yourself, you then have the ability to apply it to another.

I’d love to hear your thoughts – what does body acceptance mean to you?