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More To Love teaches plus size women how to learn body-acceptance and end dieting for good. 

Too fat to be fit?

Rachel Estapa

 fat fit

fat fit

Grab a post-it, write this down & stick it to your mirror: I can absolutely be happy & healthy at my current size.

How so? Because the common assumption of  fit = thin is WRONG!

And now, a special quote from Mr. Webster:

"Fitness (n.): The state or quality of being fit, e.g. physically or mentally; being in shape, good health or well-being."

Notice something interesting in the definition above of what fitness actually is? No where does it say that a certain weight, height or size automatically equals being fit. Total fitness is being healthy in the body you have today and treating it as if you care about its' well-being tomorrow.

So if you ever thought "I'm way too fat to be fit" don't blame your body; blame the fitness definition you've been working with.

:: My fit n' fat story ::



I love exercise. I love movement. I love the way compression pants & jackets feel on my body; I love the way sweat pearls off my upper arms during a long run on a hot day; I love my breathless smile just moments after the end of a great workout. My whole life, I've been active and engaged with some form of invigorating movement.

I've also been overweight for most of my life. I'm an example of being "fat and fit" at the same time. (crazy, right?) And I'm not alone. There are many other people who, despite what their body might look like, are rock-stars in their own athletic right.

And you deserve to feel awesome about your own body's power & strength!

It's time we shatter the concept that being fit is only reserved for Olympians or people running marathons.

Fitness is a spectrum and it's more valuable to know your OWN spectrum and see where you honestly lie, somewhere between healthy and unhealthy. And even just by reading this, you already know where you are in your unique fitness spectrum.

:: Find movement that moves you ::

Fitness is about ability & adaptability. Perhaps you cannot run a marathon or even jog up a flight of stairs and that's OK!  But I'm sure there is SOMETHING your body can enjoy very much right now-- so do THAT rather what you think your body should being doing to lose weight/lower stress/lower blood pressure. Exercise is contagious -- once your body gets a taste of it, it wants to keep going and incorporate more of it into your life.

Whatever movement you do will naturally support your health-goals and one type of exercise isn't better than another - so don't fall for that trap. Enjoy what you enjoy! Your body will always reflect the love and attention you give it.

:: Going the distance ::

Let's take this idea further: how amazing might you feel if your definition of fitness expanded beyond the physical to also include mind & spirit? How would devoting time to your spiritual side influence your happiness? Would more focus and concentration at work increase the amount of energy you could put towards your personal life?

LIFE FITNESS is what we're all after and it's easy to achieve. Start by writing some new rules for your well-being, because happiness & health only require two things: do more of what makes you feel good overall and do less of what pains you.

And beating yourself up around "not being fit enough" won't help you run any faster :)