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More To Love teaches plus size women how to learn body-acceptance and end dieting for good. 

Welcome to Self-Love & Fancy-Pants Cheese

Rachel Estapa

SLFPCOne of my favorite things about being in the health/wellness community is seeing all the amazing photos & daily inspiration found across the internet.  I love taking photos of my day -- be that meals, outfits, workouts - anything that captures my active, fun, healthy and eclectic life. Time and time again my friends say "You should start a food/fashion blog!" And you know what? Why not! Not everything I do is deep, intellectual posts about the state of identity in this modern world! -- so I created this page to share the lighter & yummier side of life. 'Sup with the name? The name "Self-Love & Fancy-Pants Cheese" comes from a post I wrote in a health forum online, talking about how I spend a lot of time on my own self-care and that a trip to Whole Foods for "fancy-pants cheese" as I put it,  is the adult equivalent to Christmas morning for me -- I get so excited when it comes to cooking! (You can thank my beautiful mothers for teaching me and maybe one day, I'll be as good as she is.)

And when I think about it, my life IS all about SELF LOVE AND FANCY-PANTS CHEESE -- I try to live it up within a very modest budget & want to show others how it's possible too. Who knows what this will turn into -- but mainly, it's FUN to share & promote a healthy, affordable and lively life style. Oh, and if you have stuff to share too, send my way -