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More To Love teaches plus size women how to learn body-acceptance and end dieting for good. 

What I'm not changing in 2014

Rachel Estapa

It's 2014 shortly but rather than make a long list of all the things to try and change in the new year, I'ma make a list of all the awesome things I want to keep doing year after year after year. You're welcome to add your own list in the comments below. 

Happy New Year and I love you just as you are. 

No diets

Dieting only caused me anxiety and unnecessary stress. But I will continue to treat my body with respect, including what I eat, how I move, and the attitude I take towards it. I've devoted years to overcoming feeling like I owed the world an apology for what my body looked like. The only apology I owe is to my body for never giving it enough credit. 

My love of purple

Since a kid, I've wanted everything possible to be in purple. Today at 29, I still want it. Sometimes people make fun of me for loving purple so much and I even thought about giving up the color. But you know what? NO! I love purple, it looks great on me, it's the color of high-intuition and OH SNAP...look what the official color of 2014 is....PURPLE. 

Choosing to see the best in people. even when it's hard to

No one is perfect and sometimes it's really easy to start talking smack about a person, and I've had my fair-share of gossip-circles in my life. But every time I do trash-talk, I feel it in me like a toxin. So I try not to let it linger because it's not nice to myself or the other person. Instead, I choose to focus on the best in the other and engage with them in a way that brings the best out of us both. It's not foolproof, but it certainly feels much better.

Believing in and loving myself

When I say I love myself, I feel that right into the core of me. It's not narcissism, that's believing that I'm better and I don't think that -- but I do feel a strong, groundedness in who I am. I taught myself how to love who I am, and I will need to keep practicing and learning it for the remainder of my life. And that excites me, moves me, makes me feel joy because commitment means not giving up on what you love. 

That the world is beautiful

Bad things happen and I wish they didn't, but as someone close to me once put it "You see the world through rose colored-lenses Rachel, and that's one of the reasons why you're so wonderful - but truth is, people are just assholes sometimes." I don't believe people are fundamentally evil, I think they are scared and fear makes people do hurtful things. I see pain as a portal to wisdom; darkness as a call to be still. I've always seen the world this way, but I've also been blessed with a fortunate life, so I am thankful to even be alive to appreciate it. Despite the pains and problems, I really believe the world is amazing and I put my focus into celebrating the better angels of our nature. 

How I love my husband

I got married this year and I often catch myself saying "Me? Really?" because for so long, I never dated anyone and started to believe I was just unable to love. My husband is the only person I've ever met who I feel as though I've known for thousands of years, but every day, am meeting him for the first time. It's been like this since we first met and it's magical. When we fell in love, I finally understood why I had to wait....I needed to prepare myself to be able to receive and give this kind of deep, soul-fueled love. 

Pay attention within, always

I lived in my head for most of my life, drawn to the theoretical and big ideas including ruminating and obsessing over "what if" - but I ignored the world within me, believing I could rationalize my feelings away. I purposefully set out to change that in my early 20's and what I felt and discovered by paying attention to my own inner-world changed my life totally. More To Love is not just about learning to love the body, but learning to live your life. And through connecting with my body, I've been able to live a richer, more fulfilling and heart-centered life. Big ideas are wonderful to point you a certain way, but it's daily actions, small steps, little awarenesses and insights that really create the symphony of my life.